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Brighton Beach In The Spotlight On Barclays Center Television

Screenshot of BCTV host Alyonka Larionov from “BCTV – Brighton Beach” by Ali Hashemi. Source: Vimeo

If you have visited the brand-spanking new Barclays Center this year, you might have already seen this cool new tribute to Brighton Beach, which has been playing on Barclays Center Television (BCTV).

The video features the fetching Alyonka Larionov jaunting her way through Brighton Beach, eating authentic pierogis, vamping like Leo DiCaprio on the boardwalk, and sharing drinks with some friendly Moscovians in town to celebrate a friend’s birthday.

Aloynka, who makes mention of her Russian roots, does get a little confused when referencing Brighton Beach Boulevard, which we all know doesn’t exist. Geographic error aside, she leads an otherwise cheerful tour through Brighton Beach, checking out Russian hats, Russian dolls (no, not these Russian Dolls) and Russian candy. She even expounds a little upon that “funny little creature,” Cheburashka.

It’s a fun, snappily-edited and mood-brightening journey though Little Odessa.

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  1. Years ago, Brighton Beach was really a nice place to reside in. Then came the Russians and they ruined it for the Americans that had been living there for many, many years. They didn’t save it. THEY RUINED IT!!!!!!!!!! They will pretend to befriend, and with the other hand STAB YOU IN THE BACK and thats a fact!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Man, this website just seems to breed those rife with ignorance. Sorry you are a little butt hurt that your environment has changed around you. You are not special – get over yourself.

  3. Nice video, however when she said at the end that “Russian people are very welcoming” I almost fell off my chair.

  4. In case you guys don’t know, she is the daughter of Igor “The Professor” Larionov of the Russian 5 group that won 2 cups for the Detroit Red Wings.

  5. i think when she said “Brighton Beach Boulevard” she doesnt actually mean the name of a place or street. the word boulevard in russian could be used to describe something that is heavy with foot traffic.
    also for a turkish owned store they have alot of russian products.

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