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Brighton Beach Bathroom Plans Revised, Community To Weigh In Thursday

Look at all those gangbangers (Source: NYC Parks)
Design of the new elevated comfort stations. The ramps and stairs are designed to detach in the case of an extreme weather event. (Source: NYC Parks)

The New York City Parks Department will present revised plans this Thursday for the controversial bathroom and comfort station slated for the Brighton Beach boardwalk in response to outcry from Oceana condominium residents and local leaders.

The public hearing on the new draft environmental impact statement will take place at the Shorefront Y (3300 Coney Island Avenue), from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.

It’s the second public hearing on the site’s bathrooms, which are identical to 35 others along the Riegelmann Boardwalk and elsewhere in the city – all replacements to facilities damaged in Superstorm Sandy. At the November meeting, residents of Oceana and other nearby buildings lambasted the proposal for the 20-foot-tall structures, with complaints ranging from blocked views and claims that it would attract the homeless, to concerns about the stability of the structure.

The Parks Department previewed seven different alternatives for the placement of the New Brighton location – the formal name of the site in front of Oceana near Coney Island Avenue – at City Hall in February. Assemblyman Steven Cymbrowitz gave favorable, though tepid, reviews of the new plans.

“Some alternatives are clearly better than others, but what came across is that this is a new administration that has expressed a real willingness to listen to what the community has to say,” Assemblyman Cymbrowitz said in a press release. “It is a very hopeful sign that the [draft environmental impact statement] includes the options that were raised by residents at the Parks Department’s public scoping meeting last November. I believe this is an important step in an ongoing dialogue and it shows that the city is trying to be responsive to the community’s needs.”

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  1. At this point in time, I don’t care what the bathrooms look like! All tis was supposed tobe finished by Memorial Day, 2013!!!! We wo use the Brighton 14th Street entrance to the Beach at Bay 1 have been force to detour for too long. Clean up the Beach, restore Bay One! Clean it up and open it up, before the 2014 season begins! Oceana did not care about the views of the existing community, why should we care about their views!

  2. Would attract the homeless? Maybe. But new proposal is to move it in front of Shorefront Y where hundreds of children are attending various programs. Why my grandson should be looking at the bathroom? Or money my family pays is different from money from Oceana?

  3. Lena is right. The bathroom was there for maybe 70 years and wasn’t a problem. It was in that spot for a reason Bay 1 is the busiest area around.

  4. I don’t think the options that makes you happy even offered by the Parks Department. Have you read their Draft Environmental Impact Study?

  5. So Lena, you don’t even live there, yet you want to stick it to those who do. You are that kind of a grandmother.
    Where do you live Lena Pechenik?

  6. The problem is the ridiculous height. There was no problem before where the bathroom was located. It was demolished before any damage could be assessed. The City just wanted new “free” bathrooms they didn’t have to pay for.

  7. you are so wrong. The height is for a reason. It is so the city doesn’t have to spend more taxpayer money to rebuild it every time it floods. you obviously haven’t lived here long enough to know that Sandy wasn’t the first flood that we had here. There are dozens of bathrooms under the boardwalk that were buried in the 1990’s.

  8. So the land on which your house/ apartment sits does not belong to the city ? In other words the bathroom cannot potentially be built there ever at all ?

  9. It does not matter where I live, and I did mention before that building an ugly bathroom in front of somebody’s window is a bad idea. But it is not only about a Shorefront Y, it is also about other residents of Oceana whose windows will face a new location. My biggest concern in toilet saga is that 35 flying bathrooms are constructed already and not even one, except the Oceana location had an impact study. My other problem is that it is being built on taxpayers money, and I do pay taxes. So how much more city will spend to build a new one at the new location. BTW, an environment study for a new location (1b according to EIS) was not done, it was not determined what kind of effect it might have on Shorefront Y foundation, in ground pool that is being used by thousands of community members. And last but not least, when supporters of Oceana people talk about community needs, they should remember that community of Brighton Beach is bigger than just residents of Oceana, There is a flying toilet on Brighton 1st Place and many residents of this building have a toilet view now. Do you know if anyone asked residents if they want it?

  10. I will try to respond to all of your concerns here Lena.

    Sentence by sentence. I will use only facts. I hope you
    will be able to understand facts, not emotions, but facts…

    You are right these monsters are bad for everybody.

    But new location is not in front of a residential building.

    Yes some will see the toilets including your truly but
    here’s the important fact – the distance to the closest residence is 200 feet,
    more than twice greater than that at Oceana (91 feet).

    Yes none of the locations had an impact study – because the residents of other locations didn’t bother to protest. Other toilets are in front of the cross streets
    and parking lots anyway. But if you are still wondering about the fate of other locations I have another fact for you.
    Long before the toilets arrived to the beach Oceana rallied, demonstrated, petitioned all and everyone from New York to Washington. Oceana was in every
    single local and NY news paper – from Bay News to New York Times, on every single network TV channel. None of the residents of other locations bothered to join, to support, to demonstrate. None, not even you Lena. You didn’t come to support against the latrines. You didn’t dedicate yourself to defending the beach from the alien invasion.
    Apparently other location people and you Lena didn’t care at the time.

    When all attempts at justice failed Oceana organized a legal defense fund and hired an attorney to do what
    everyone does – Oceana went to court. Again no one outside of Oceana showed any desire to join and give a penny or two to defend the “community”.
    Yes you are right environmental study for the new
    location hasn’t been done. The same at Oceana.
    They didn’t do any studies before they drilled. Oceana complained and Parks installed a seismographic device in Oceana. As a result they determined that neither apartments, nor the ground pool were in any danger. Lena, please be sure – they will do the same for you at the new location.
    Taxpayer money! Yes Lena, exactly. You are on the right track. But you are late again. Where were you when we marched on the Boardwalk demanding to stop
    wasting tax payer money? We cried about tax payer money but none of our neighbors paid any attention, including you Lena. – You didn’t come to talk
    about taxpayer money at those rallies on the Boardwalk back then.
    Next. You are right that the residents of Brighton 1st
    place can now see the toilet. Not in direct view though and not as close as Oceana. For the court It is important that directions and distances are measured and compared, you know.
    As I said in the beginning – Oceana rallied, protested,
    petitioned and cried on every TV channel about the disaster on Brighton Beach before the monsters were built, but no resident from Brighton 1st expressed any desire to join.

    Of course it is very noble of you Lena to sympathize with them now. Unfortunately you are late again. They can now see the toilets. Oceana tried to help, but they wouldn’t react. Not a single resident of Brighton 1st ever came to demonstrate on the Boardwalk with Oceana, not to mention giving a penny or two to sue the bastards.
    And your last sentence is a question again. You are
    asking if anyone asked Brighton 1st if they want it.

    I can tell you one thing – no one asked the residents of Oceana if they wanted it either.
    One day in march 2013 Oceana scheduled a protest rally, Parks found out, called the management office and asked to cancel the demonstration in exchange
    for the “round table conversation” and right after everyone returned home at midnight they brought the pile drivers and murdered the damn beach. No Lena, no one asked Oceana either.

    To make a long story short. Oceana went to court, because, like it or not, it’s the only way to get that sweet justice that everyone’s clamoring about. As Oceana found out – no one gets justice for free. It takes blood, sweat and tears and ….. a good environmental attorney.

    As it turned out Parks department violated many laws while throwing these monsters down our throats. And one good environmental attorney (actually three good environmental attorneys), proved that in court.

    So I think I answered every single sentence-question of
    your post. Please note that I used only facts and facts are the most important thing in life and in court, especially when it comes to toilets and such.

    p.s. One more thing – for the past 70 years there were no three story high concentration camp latrines in front of Oceana and that is a fact. Size does matter, especially in court.

  11. Hey Beachgoer, you have some nerve asking why no one else supported Oceana. Where the hell was OCEANA all of these years when people in this neighborhood rallied and had meetings on so many things? Where were you at community board and other committee meetings. They only time Oceana people show up is if it was about OCEANA. They never gave a damn about anything that went on outside their gates. Believe it or not, but there was a Brighton Beach and a neighborhood here long before Oceana was even a dream. And some of us here in Brighton are very, very wealthy, even richer than some of the people who live in Oceana. And we worked just as hard for our wealth. But we don’t make a big deal about how special we are, because we realize that we are only small part of much bigger community. We worked very hard over the years to make Brighton better place, while Oceana worked only on Oceana.

    As far as nobody “asking” Oceana if they “wanted” the bathrooms, no one has to ask you ANYTHING. The city never asks peoples “permission” to do things. You have some nerve to even say that. Everyone in community knew about bathrooms because they are involved in community and go to many meetings where many things that benefit community are discussed. But Oceana people never come to any meetings unless is about Oceana. The city does what it thinks is best for the most people. People in Brighton 1 did not come to Oceana rallies because they realize this. Even if they were personally very upset, they know that certain things have to be done. By the way , you should go look again, the structures at Brighton 1 are just as close to the building as they are at Oceana, just the angle is a little different. Also people on Brighton 1 Place have big patios that are actually on boardwalk and there is no big garden between them and boardwalk.

    Maybe you don’t know this Beachgoer, but when Oceana first opened, “Oceana people” made big problem about sitting on beach next to “lower classes” from subway. Oceana people do not like “lower classes”. So Oceana had the nerve to put up fences and guards on the PUBLIC beach and told everyone else that beach was ONLY for Oceana. Thankfully, Parks dept stopped this right away. So really, this is what it is all about – Oceana wants no one but Oceana people on OCEANA’S beach. Oceana thinks that if they move bathroom, people will move too. But they will not. If you go to any part of the beach, which you probably don’t because you only stay by Oceana, you would know that people come to the exact same spot year after year after year. It is “their” place where they meet up with their beach friends. They come even when there are no lifeguards and they give them tickets. And if they have to walk all the way from Bay 1 to the new bathroom by Shorefront the children and old people will just use the sand by the lifeguard station as a toilet like they did last summer. But I guess Oceana will not have a problem with that “toilet smell” or have a problem with their children walking through other people’s waste or playing in the sand full of people’s waste because people could not walk all the way from Bay 1 to Shorefront to go to bathroom.

    That is the problem with Oceana. All you SEE is the ocean. You do not see or care about everything else in community that is going on all around you. All you care about is YOU.

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