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Photos: Three Car Accident On Ocean Avenue


A car stopped short before entering a construction area on Ocean Avenue between Avenue W and Gravesend Neck Road, leading to a three-car pileup near the Avenue W intersection around 1:00 p.m.

The first car received minor damage, but the larger collision appeared to be the rear two cars that saw significant damage to the hood and trunk. No one was injured.

Those involved said they waited in the intersection for more than an hour for police to arrive, and one witness said he went to get a haircut and came back, and authorities still had not arrived to take a report.

Photos by Erica Sherman.

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  1. cops are too busy with bigger things, like busting teens for pot. fucking police. cops are worthless fucking pieces of shit ūüôā to serve and protect their own paychecks should be written on their cars.

  2. I’m amazed that there aren’t more traffic accidents in our area, in observing the way folks have been driving of late. In fact, while I use to notice, who is in the other cars, while stopped at a light,¬†I tend to not do that anymore, because, a lot of the folks I’ve been seeing, look a lot more strange than I do! (Lol). While I don’t know the cause of this accident, and the delay in police response¬†, it seems our police do not want to enforce the moving vehicular laws. Perhaps it’s because idyllic¬†Sheepshead Bay, and its’ environs, contain so many law abiding, friendly people, who tend to look out for one another!

  3. Just because they are in too much of a hurry, doesn’t mean the cops are in a hurry to get there. ¬†Three cars driving too close to each other and not knowing how to drive, no injuries, so what’s the rush? ¬†There are far too many more urgent things like crime to tend to.

  4. cops indeed are piece of trash….they
    can only aggravate people with their tickets… serve and protect ….is a bunch
    of BS. I had an accident a while ago a PO could even get the facts right just
    one example like she wrote that damages were sustained to a right side
    meanwhile the actual damage was to the left….and I found a few a other
    mistakes in the reports. Because of her stupidity insurance of the other driver
    refuse to pay for my damages…even my own insurance gave me a hard time
    because of her report. PO would refuse to amend damn report and she would
    refuse to admit her mistakes after even i show a physical evidence when i
    stopped by 61 pct. To make a long story shirt I file a complaint….i really
    did count on it to get any feedback or resluts but to my surprise I did get a
    feedback from One police plaza then from local pct….by that time my car was
    repaired with my own hard earn money that i was trying to put aside …I showed
    PO’s supervisor pictures and report he said he will make PO to amend report
    according to facts…and that took me 7 months out of my life, stress, aggravations
    and unplanned expenses

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