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BREAKING: Police Car Collision On Ave Y And East 13th Street


Moments ago, at around 6:25 p.m., a police car collided with another vehicle on Avenue Y and East 13th Street, leaving the car “wrecked” according to a witness.

“It sounded like a gunshot, I think the whole neighborhood heard it,” said a Sheepshead Bites reader who witnessed the accident.

According to witnesses, the police car was traveling east on Avenue Y, speeding with its lights on. The officer did not sound his siren, and a car that a witness said was speeding came into the intersection, going north on East 13th Street. The two collided, wrecking the front of the police car and causing damage to the front driver side of the civilian vehicle.

No one was seriously injured, though the civilian driver – a senior citizen with handicap plates – was complaining about minor pains.

Police, FDNY and other emergency services are arriving on the scene as we write, and Avenue Y was closed off from East 12th Street to East 14th Street.

This is breaking news and will be updated as we receive more information.

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  1. As of about 10 minutes ago there were two police vehicles remaining at the scene. I wonder how long it will take before they tow the injured vehicle away.

  2. It would seem the police, who were not free to talk to me at the time I was there, may have been at fault. I’m presuming from the damage to the police car that it traveling at a good clip up Sheepshead Bay road when it collided with the black car crossing the intersection at 13th and Y.

  3. Ned i hope you know its ILLEGAL to post pictures of peoples licensed plates. I shall report your pictures. I am sory

  4. Several witnesses of the accident I spoke to said the civilian appeared to be at fault. He was coming down the street way too fast. The cop was speeding, but was responding to a call. His one mistake, if any, was that he did not sound his siren before entering the intersection. However, one of the witnesses who said he “saw it happen before it happened” said that he didn’t think the civilian’s car would have been able to stop in time even if the officer did sound the siren.

  5. Not illegal at all, nor is it to post photos of people. Public property, domain and all that. It’s only illegal if he trespassed to obtain said photo, and even that would be up in the air (depends on jurisdiction), as the photo would still be legal, just not the means by which said photo was gained.

  6. why you blaming the civilian, you don’t know how old he was. Maybe the reporter is a kid. Maybe it was the police? ever see the way them folks at the 61 drive?
    Where is the dash cam?

  7. You don’t remember back in the day when they used to go with lights and sirens to the train station to pickup the nurses.

  8. Usually, when they have light and sirens, they have the RIGHT OF WAY!!!
    But, lets look into who is writing the police report?
    Police report written against police? The same police station is writing the report for the accident of CO-WORKERS (brothers)
    Wonder what they will write?

  9. the police are reckless. they just assume everyone will get out of their way. and as for the driver, everyone should be required to take a driving test every 10 years. we all know there are many people driving who have no business doing so.

    it was probably both of their faults as car accidents usually are.

  10. At least he didn’t post the FACE picture of the injured?
    Unless its a minor, I think I think you can post pictures of people.
    Sad, but true.

  11. i am leaning more to the Elderly…… I am a driver, and i am getting Annoyed at how many Accidents i’v seen myself almost get into Because of old people driving.

    Kinda like when i am driving and on my Right i see a car pop out of the street…..i see the old man Look to the Right and continue moving Forward… This is when i start to Honk which caused him to hit the gas.. Really grandpa the Gas? Which caused me to use my E-Brake!

    Moral of this Example….If you stop on a STOP sign, your usually supposed to Look to the LEFT FIRST! Also your car should be Crawling out SLOWLY not at 7mph’s.

  12. I base my perception of what may have happened on the damage done to both cars. It does seem that the police car got the worst of the damage yet if the civilian was going faster I would have thought their car would have suffered more. Of course the directions in which the two cars were going I surmised by the location of the impacts.

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