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BREAKING: Nostrand Avenue Shootout


We’ve heard from a number of sources now that there was a shooting at around 10:07 a.m. on Avenue X between Nostrand Avenue and Haring Street.

Neighbors report hearing between three and five shots in the vicinity of the Sheepshead Bay-Nostrand Housing Projects. Within minutes, several police vehicles arrived, along with as many as three ambulances and a helicopter. The first ambulance left the scene with sirens blaring.

Another reader told us they asked witnesses and said the shootout involved “machine guns,” but we haven’t yet confirmed that.

If you have any additional information, please e-mail us.


From reader Scott K.

There were about 9 or 10 police cars, a van, and step van that included officers with helmets riot gear, body shields and semi auto matic weapons. I drove by and left the scene as officers were going into the building. I heard the helicopter about 3 minutes later.


From reader Amy:

2 suspects fled in a vehicle to the Housing Projects somewhere on Avenue V between Bragg and Batchelder ST. Both were detained shortly after.


From News 12:

1 dead, 1 wounded in Ave. X double shooting

(06/25/10) BROOKLYN – Police are investigating a double shooting on Avenue X that left one person dead and another injured this morning.

Authorities say the incident happened at 3043 Ave. X shortly before 10 a.m. One of the victims, a 26-year-old man, was taken to Lutheran Medical Center in stable condition with a gunshot wound to his leg.

The other victim, a 25-year-old man, was rushed to Coney Island Hospital, where he was later pronounced dead from a wound to his chest.

Police say they have arrested two suspects in the double shooting. Charges are pending.

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  1. No. I've actually seen a man with a machine gun in the projects around X. One guy was showing a gun off to another — didn't know if it was real or what — but the guy's friend was gawking. 'Where'd you get that?' I paraphrase. I was in my scooter & barely got a look at their faces. I didn't think I could ID them & was hoping it was a movie prop…but I don't find this story unbelievable.

  2. I was in school that time. Out the window there was an African-American man shot the gun 5 or 6 times and he went in to a big white van and another guy who was also African-American (I think) drove him away. A few minutes later, a police helicopter was going around in circles and there were 2 police cars. Our school didn’t let kids out including the schoolyard and adults didn’t go out during their lunch period.

  3. As long as some children are taught that their main goal in life is to garner respect and that violence and prison are acceptable elements to their life, this sort of stupidity will only continue. The fact that none of us are surprised this happened a block from the projects only underscores what is wrong with this whole thing.

  4. Honestly, I think that you approaching this subject from a very limited perspective.

    What you don't see is that because of the racial disposition that is already established in this country; “African-Americans” are already at a disadvantage when it comes to trying to “garner respect”.

    You can sit here and say that the issue is “in the projects” (which doesn't surprise you apparently); but in a sense, the way you LOOK at the projects in itself only contributes to the racial divide that is sickening our country.

    I've lived here my whole life and from my perspective; I see PEOPLE. People that are trying to make the best with what they got and are trying to find and create joy from the limited opportunities that your viewpoint helps to create.

    I'm not trying to make excuses for anyone who goes and shoots another person; but I guarentee you that if the world pushed you up against a wall and tried to pin you for something your not…you would see the world from a very different point of view.

    Just sayin'.

  5. I got a good link from Spot Crime this morning and used it to find the place where I saw 2 men with a gun & a stand back in November 2009. I'm sorry to say it was on the corner of Avenue V and Batchelder.

    I feel awful, but what could I have done sitting in a wheelchair. Not really able to ID them because I don't get a straight-on view of adult faces. Just knees.

  6. Mr Satchell,

    Honestly, I think we both see this pretty much the same way. You're making assumptions about what I do or do not see. I actually am very aware of and deeply sympathetic to the struggle African Americans have suffered through, and continue to. I am sharply aware of the role the majority in this country has had, and often continues to have in dividing and keeping at a disadvantage the African American Community.

    When I wrote that it doesnt surprise me that this happened a block away from the projects, I was hoping to spark a discussion as to why, which I have succeeded in doing. It wasnt because I have consigned the entire population of the projects as gangsters.

    Lastly, the kind of respect you and I know, and the kind of “respect” hoodlums with guns know are two very different things. When those hoodlums use the word respect, the mean status, fear, and social standing among a small subset of the community that are like themselves. They could care less if people like you are me respect them – the kind of respect we would have to offer they wouldnt even want anyway.

    Many from the black community have spoken out against this backward, anti-education, gangster thinking. It may surprise you to know that many white people see eye to eye with you regarding this subject and have a keen sensitivity to the nuances of the history of the black community.

    Just sayin'

  7. You do know people who are not black live in the projects also. There are hard working, educated, kind hearted families also.
    My mother -in- law started one of the gardens in front of her building more than 20 years ago. There are people there who care and try to keep an eye on things.
    People get shot in Sheepshead Bay, Graves End and the surrounding areas.
    Shame to say it has become a part of life. It is what it is, some dumb asses.

  8. @theshzbcmbklyn Yea…I've been here on Nostrand Ave. my whole life…same address on my Birth Certificate even. I've seen good things; I've seen bad things…and have even been the victim on a few occasions.

    @Eitan – I guess my point was mainly to say that situations just don't come out of thin air. We can point the finger to ganster rap being a bad role model; but if no one is doing anything to make living on the streets any easier, it certainly doesn't help moral. At the same time, you look at government, politics and the economics and just see poor judgment and biased decision making. Sometimes I can't help but feel that what is “screwed” is by design for the sake of some sick social experiment….but truth be told, that is pure speculation.

    I just know that I don't want to single out one particular social issue when it has EVERYTHING to do with all the other social issues that we see happening all around us.

    Just Sayin'. =P

  9. I am not surprised. The once great Sheepshead-Nostrand projects has turned into A crime ridden Ghetto. Gunshots are commonplace now

  10. yea since obama became president , everything has gotten worse. Im not saying bush was any good AT ALL ….. but obama aint doing anything to create jobs or to fix the economy… hes to busy having justine beiber come to the white house to sing for him …. to busy meeting celebrities , making himself a celebrity instead of a leader …”president” .. worlds gonna end in 2012 anyway , f it , the oil spill was one of the signs of the apocalypse… everybodys gonna die soon anyway

  11. yea since obama became president , everything has gotten worse. Im not saying bush was any good AT ALL ….. but obama aint doing anything to create jobs or to fix the economy… hes to busy having justine beiber come to the white house to sing for him …. to busy meeting celebrities , making himself a celebrity instead of a leader …”president” .. worlds gonna end in 2012 anyway , f it , the oil spill was one of the signs of the apocalypse… everybodys gonna die soon anyway

  12. “Since Obama became president”? Terrance I don't know where you've been in the past 15 years but this area has gone down hill since the Board of Education started busing in students from poorer neighborhoods. The idea was to send these children to better schools and improve their chances of getting ahead in life.
    Unfortunately just the opposite happened, the middle income parents were forced to send their children to private schools. No vouchers.
    Since they were going to school in Sheepshead Bay the poorer family's decided to move into the lovely public housing development that was middle class and you guessed it, its crime ridden slum now, just like the place the use to call home.

  13. While looking at trolley lines in Brooklyn in times past,I found this post and even though I know things are not the same as they were,this area is where I grew up. I lived on Haring St and walked to the corner soda fountain for a cherry coke every week end. Nostrand ave was a dirt road after ave x to give you an idea of the area then. I am saddened to read this and as far as the projects,I had my closest freind that lived there I remember well. I went to the Elementry school father down Haring ST(is it still there) and an earlier school(two blocks south on Nostrand) was built in the 1800s. It is hard to fathom how this sort of thing can happen in that area but,I see it in the minds eye of a child.
    Maybe better to remember Brooklyn as it was,but still,I think it is the best part of the city. Cheers to all who live there now,it can still be a great place to live.

  14. It was great as my other post said,I grew up there. I know things change and not always for the good but still so sad to hear this.
    Bobboone,did you grow up here? I was there from 1950 to 1967,my Father and Grand Father were there and in the case of Grand,1880s. I hope the people come together and make things better,it would be a shame to see it all fall into a crime ridden area,to much of that these days

  15. I moved into Sheepshead-Nostrand in 1973 and i am still living there. It is really sickening to see the way it has radically changed. I wasn’t around in the era before the projects were built, but even from the early 70’s to the mid 90’s the Sheepshead-Nostrand projects and Sheepshead Bay were a great place to live in. I heard several gunshots fired near ave W and Batchelder St just around 2:30 last night.

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