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BREAKING: Motorcycle Vs. Car On East 14th Street


A collision with a car left one motorcyclist hospitalized and his bike shredded into multiple pieces, after an accident that happened minutes after 3:00 p.m. today.

As the light on Avenue Y at East 14th Street turned red, the driver of an Audi A4 said he was caught in the intersection while attempting a turn. On the other side of the intersection, a motorcyclist heading east came from behind and blew through the light, he said, hitting his car as he made the turn.

The biker was thrown approximately 20 feet off his bike, sustaining injuries to his knee and ankle. The bike fell into pieces, and tore the bumper from the Audi.

Ambulances took the motorcyclist to the hospital just minutes after the accident. The Audi driver was unharmed, but did note that he just finished making payments on the car.

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  1. Technically, the Audi shouldn’t have been in the intersection, if he couldn’t make the turn. I bet the insurance companies split the blame. 

  2. So the Audi was caught in the intersection attempting a turn? So he would have been making a left turn, prevented by opposing traffic, or a right turn prevented by pedestrians in the crosswalk.

    From the photos it appears the car was hit on the right side, since the bumper shifted left, and would mean it was a right turn.

    The biker also came from behind.

    My guess the audi didn’t signal, turned right, braked sharply, and the biker also accelerating to make the yellow hit the right fender of the Audi trying to avoid it.

    Although I’m biased against both Audi drivers and motorcyclists as both tend to be arrogant and reckless.

  3. At about the same time I was cut off (on my bicycle) by a white Audi, not the same car because it had a female driver. Lostinservice may be right about Audi drivers being arrogant.

  4. anyone who has riden on a highway, like the Belt or the Thruway has encountered those bands of noisy pocket rocket motorcycles that notoriously weave in and out of lanes, buzz at high rates of speed and try to take over their portion of the roads. I am never surprised when these rice burners get into accidents mainly because of the manner in which they opeate their bikes. no doubt there are plenty of auto drivers who stink, are rude and fail to use turn signals but motorcyclists are in a class of their own

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