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Breaking: Lundy’s – Cherry Hill Now Open


Shortly after our post this afternoon stating that Cherry Hill Market at Lundy’s was fully stocked, though still closed, the restaurant/market – or market/restaurant – opened for business.

We stopped by this evening and found samples spread out on a table for all to try. The cash registers were cha-chinging as the first customers filed through with their purchases. Food servers at the sample table told us the establishment officially opened for business around 4pm or 5pm. Staff also informed us that this was not the “grand opening”. Instead it was a “soft opening” – a smart move given the heated controversy surrounding the store.

Speaking of which, we weren’t able to ask the owner, David Isaev, about the stop work order, but the document on the building’s front door makes it seem as if the store’s management believes that the situation has been resolved.

Meanwhile, at the Sheepshead Bay/Plumb Beach Civic Association meeting, board members were puzzled as to the status of the establishment, and hinted at the possibility of challenging Cherry Hill’s decision to open.

We’re still uncertain as to the status of the stop work order and the legality of the opening. We expect more information tomorrow.

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