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BREAKING: Gelman Sentenced To 200 Years!


The following is a press release from Brooklyn District Attorney Charles Hynes:

Kings County District Attorney Charles J. Hynes today announced the sentencing of Maksim Gelman, 23, to 200 years in prison for Four Counts of Murder in the Second Degree, Two Counts of Attempted Murder in the Second Degree, Two Counts of Robbery in the First Degree, Two Counts of Robbery in the Second Degree, and Three Counts of Assault in the Second Degree.  The sentencing Judge, Vincent DelGiudice imposed 25-to-life sentences for each Murder count, 25 years for each Attempted Murder count, and the maximum sentences for the additional counts to run consecutively.  A $5000 court fee fine was also imposed.

“While there will never be justice for the victims and their families, the judge sent a strong message by imposing consecutive sentences and ensuring that he will never see the light of day,” said District Attorney Hynes.

On February 11, 2011, Gelman stabbed and killed his stepfather, Alexander Kuznetsov, during an argument over the use of Gelman’s mother’s car in Sheepshead Bay. He also killed Yalena Bulchenko and her mother, Anna Bulchenko. After killing the Bulchenkos, Gelman stole a car at knifepoint and stabbed its owner. While fleeing the scene of the carjacking, he struck and killed Steven Tannenbaum, a pedestrian crossing the street.

In the early morning hours of February 12, Gelman attacked a livery cab driver and then attacked another driver at knifepoint, injuring both drivers and stealing the second driver’s car. Gelman was arrested later on February 12 in Manhattan, for attacking a man on the subway.

He pleaded guilty to all counts of the indictment on November 30, 2011. The case was prosecuted by Deputy District Attorney Ken Taub, Chief of the Homicide Bureau.

On January 17, 2012 Gelman pleaded guilty to Attempted Murder in the Second Degree for his crime in Manhattan.  He is expected to receive an additional 25 years in prison to run consecutively with today’s sentence.

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  1. WOOT!!!  wonder how long it will take for him to get Gang Raped…….  /pounders

    is the post allowed to use such words as Faggot?  it’s not ok to say fucking, but Faggot made the cut……..  wow.

  2. A very good example why we need the death penalty. Chairem’, hangem’,ODem’…….just getem’ off this planet.

  3. 200Years?   He should be hung in the streets, and left to rot….why do we need to feed him till he naturally dies…………kill him now!!!!!

  4. Don’t want to be that person, but its Yelena not Yalena lol

    It’s about time that this madman got his sentence. Even though justice will never be served for the families who have lost loved one, I’m glad he’ll never see the light of day again.

  5. 200 years?  A slap on the wrist.  Shoulda been 300.  Of course, this guy is such a sociopath, it’s unlikely that he’ll get our after 100 years for good behavior.  If there’s any real justice in this case, it will catch up with him in a prison shower room.

  6. Very unlikely Mr. Kent, since most humans don’t live past 100. The sentence was the max the judge was allowed to give. The killer will be in prison for the rest of his life. If that’s not good enough for you, learn to live with it!

  7. Should not reinstate the death penalty until the legal system does not bend for the rich, while the poor get less than adequate legal representation.

  8. 200 years to life?  Is that just in case they get cryogenic pods in the supermax?  And they’re adding another 25 years on top of that?  Well, the first 100 years are the hardest.  He’ll probably sleep through the last 125.

  9. this guy is deserving of the death penalty (note to NYS, get the death penalty)… what’s the point of 200 years (on the Brooklyn charge)? Just kill this F***… 

  10. […] BREAKING: Gelman Sentenced To 200 Years!Sheepshead Bitesby Ned Berke on Jan 18th, 2012 Kings County District Attorney Charles J. Hynes today announced the sentencing of Maksim Gelman, 23, to 200 years in prison for Four Counts of Murder in the Second Degree, Two Counts of Attempted Murder in the Second …Breaking: 'Mad Max' curses out judge while being sentenced to lifeBrooklyn Dailyall 681 news articles » […]

  11. You said it all in a nut shell I feel the same an eye for an eye, the 200 year sentence is to good for him. More tax dollars to feed and house this jackass.

  12. While I’m happy he is going away, what bothers me the most about this is that not only are we spending taxpayer money on feeding him and giving him a place to sleep, but as I understand it some poor judge/clerk is actually going to be handling paperwork to give him an extra 25 years on top of the 200 he already has? I mean… somebody somewhere is coming into work and getting paid to go through the beurocratic bullshit required to give this guy another 25 years after he already has 200? Does this make sense to anyone else? Why are we so wasteful?

  13. 200 years? After his sentencing, they should have taken him out back and put a bullet between his eyes. Now we, the taxpayers have to pay to let this animal live. I just don’t get it. Too many bleeding heart liberals in the this country that’s why the death penalty will never return, but until then Maksim, enjoy your baloney sandwiches you bastard.

  14. A lot of liberals support the death penalty, but with caveats. There’s no logical argument for keeping this animal alive. They’ll put him into protective custody because he is at risk from the rest of the prison population. Meaning he’ll cost more money to house than other prisoners.

    Add to it no remorse, and the requirements for execution are met in my mind.

  15. I am surprised nobody mentioned his mother. Afterall where was his mother all the 23 years to teach better… I blame his mother in what he did as well!

  16. To outsiders,even few months after this nightmare his mother looked and acted as nothing happened.  Is she that strong not to show any emotions or just gave up on her son and his horrible actions?  Being a mother of 23 y.o. son I am totally aware how difficult it is not to miss the breaking point of your child.  So, Corsica, I agree – she is partially to blame.   

  17. Are you saying if a rich person ran around like Maksim they would not get 200 years? I’m not looking for death for corporate greed or Bernie Maddoff type stuff.

  18. We agree again.
    All these police precincts, courts and DA offices, full of unionized workers – who needs those?

  19. Yes, I do. If he ran around like Gelman it would take more than a glove that does not fit to acquit. 
    While I agree the rich do have court favoritism and they can afford lawyers I don’t want to wait for a balance that will never happen just so the death sentence will take care of trash like Gelman.

  20.  Yep, glad to see us in total agreement here! After all, the public sector can either exist in its current wasteful form or not exist at all. Makes total sense! We are on the very same page.

  21. I always hesitate before blaming  the parent(s). If you’re lucky enough to have a good kid, well, it was partly parenting and partly luck.

    I’ve seen the best of parents raise kids that were criminals. It happens. It’s not always the parents’ fault. I don’t know this particular case, so I can’t say. But it’s not an automatic “blame the parent”.

    My mom tells the story of a friend who had an angel for a first child. The friend went around criticizing all the other mothers who had less than ideal children. She was so full of herself. Well, I guess God was watching, because her second child was a monster. At least the woman had the class to apologize to everyone for her prior comments.

    As far as this mother (Gelman) being stoic, what’s she supposed to do, break down in the street? The public wants a show? Too bad, turn on Lifetime television if you want a show.  I’d hold my head up too as best I could. You have no right to demand a public display. That’s between the mother and her religion, or however she deals with it.

  22. I say that we hang him from a pole on Emmons avenue, not hang him to kill him, but to use him as a human pinata.  Anyone up for a pinata party?

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