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BREAKING: Elderly Woman Struck, Pinned By Car On East 19th Street

2060 East 19th Street, the scene of the accident. (Source: Google Maps)
2060 East 19th Street, the scene of the accident. (Source: Google Maps)

A driver jumped the curb while attempting to park on East 19th Street between Avenue U and Avenue T, hitting an elderly woman and pinning her beneath the car.

A tipster tells Sheepshead Bites that the accident occurred at approximately 3:00 p.m. in front of 2060 East 19th Street. The driver was pulling into a parking spot when she lost control of her vehicle. According to the tipster, she jumped the curb and hit an elderly woman who was walking with her husband. After hitting her, the panicked driver attempted to reverse the vehicle, but instead drove forward and pinned the victim under the tire.

“It was crazy. Her whole face was smashed. There is blood on the sidewalk. Her husband was yelling for help,” the tipster told Sheepshead Bites.

A tweet from Transportation Alternatives’ VisionZeroNYC account reports that the woman did not survive the incident:

Sheepshead Bites has not yet confirmed a fatality.

UPDATE: Reader Gina R., a resident of the building, sent in this photo of the scene:


This is a breaking news story and may contain inaccuracies. We will update it as more information becomes available. If anyone has more information or additional photos, please send them to tips (at) sheepsheadbites (dot) com.

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  1. honestly cant say that, accidents are accidents…. hell ive been in a car that had a throttle jam open for no reason… we went into 4 parked cars so

  2. Short of some mechanical malfunction, how the hell do you jump the curb, while backing up to park, with enough momentum to keep going far enough to hit a pedestrian and pin them under your car? I’ve hit the curb enough times when parking and guess what? The curb always has the intended effect – preventing me from going further. The only way you go further is if you’re doing something you shouldn’t be (or that likely to be blamed but less likely to have happened mechanical failure)

  3. Ned, this happened right in front of my house! My wife was home and was the one who dialed in to 911! Crazy!

  4. I drive everyday and I agree with your statement. but damn how many times I had to slow down or completely stop when on many occasions morons looking at their smartphones and crossing against the light..

  5. does anyone know if the victim survived? Also, most of the time Police do not file charges against killer drivers unless Alcohol is involved. Look how many Yellow Cab drivers jump sidewalks every Weekend in the City and no one gets arrested, even the mope who tore off that British girls leg.

  6. Angry Murry. We make judgements every day. Vanilla vs. Chocolate. Coffee vs. Tea. I am sure you are judgemental, just not today with this sad story.

  7. My heart goes out to the victim’s husband and family…but particularly the husband, who had to witness something so traumatic. Deepest condolences…

  8. Well this isn’t good for the mayors vision zero plan… What’s he going to do to reduce amount of injuries/deaths while parking? Maybe we can get some crossing guards on every block to help people park their cars…

    I wonder how capable the driver of this vehicle was. Sure, no alcohol was involved — but did this driver have any handicap impairments? One time, I witnessed someone fall asleep behind the wheel (narcolepsy) and another time I saw someone have a stroke behind the wheel, causing them to constantly apply gas/release gas.

    Either way, even though we don’t know the age of the driver of this particular accident, they should really do something about enforcing tougher driving regulations for the older drivers (75yrs old, 85, etc)
    -> Retake driving exam
    -> Retake eye exam
    -> Review medical history

    Just my thoughts.

  9. I drive virtually the same vehicle. You do not jump the curb WHILE PARKING unless you’re doing something stupid like pulling front-in into a spot and doing it fast and recklessly. And it’s even more unbelievable if you’re backing up to parallel park. A “tap” of the accelerator doesn’t get you jumping the curb – that’s pure nonsense. Anyone who hits the curb while parking and is not able to prevent further incursion onto the sidewalk doesn’t know what the fuck they’re doing and/or has no respect for the responsibilities of driving and doesn’t belong behind the wheel of a car.

  10. From the description of the incident it sounds like the driver pulled in front first, miscalculated the distance, jumped the curb and hit the victim. Then panicked and instead of reversing (didn’t change the gear) pressed gas again and ran over/pinned the victim. Sounds like she didn’t know what she was doing.

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