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BREAKING: Cyclist Struck On Oriental Blvd, Amherst St [UPDATED]


UPDATE (4/25/2012): This story has been updated with information from the NYPD, indicating that the bicyclist was allegedly an attempted trespasser and was not actually hit by a car.

Original post:

A bicyclist was struck by a white SUV on Oriental Boulevard at Amherst Street at approximately 11:30 a.m.

According to a scanner report, the cyclist claims a white SUV hit him on purpose, then left the scene when he called police.

An ambulance is en route to the scene.

This is a breaking news story and may contain inaccuracies. We will update it as more information becomes available. If anyone has more information or additional photos, please send them to tips (at) sheepsheadbites (dot) com.

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  1. as some one who ride’s a bike to kingsborough, the bike lane is pointless. the bus cuts riders off. when i ride to school ill take 21st down to the water, ride on the sidewalk on the bay, then take the long way around and ride across on the sidewalk again, its a very dangerous place for bike riders over there… 

  2. Typical windshield mindset, find some way to fault the cyclist.. A few weeks ago an asshole tried to sideswipe me on purpose after shouting “get the fuck off the road” because according to some aggressive drivers the road is only for them. They’re the same assholes who do 90+ on the belt and dangerously weave through midday traffic. They’re also the same assholes who speed on Oriental Blvd. As a driver and cyclist I can assure you that it’s not only possible but highly probable that the driver hit the cyclist on purpose. So before you start adding your worthless opinion on the subject, how about you remember the fact that a car struck a cyclist and fled the scene and that in itself establishes credibility for the cyclist.

  3. The drivers do own the road silly girl. We don’t have time for bikers. These bikers think they can do anything they want because the driver is afraid to them.

  4. Sorry child, drivers do NOT own the road. You will find that out if ever do hit a bicycle. Especially if you start talking crap about owning the road.

  5. As I driver I pay for my damn driving privileges…I
    pay it every day when I buy gas, I pay my damn vehicle registration fees which
    now 140 dollars for 2 years. I pay for damn muni meters and if don’t I get a
    summons that supposedly should help repaired my roads on which my vehicle
    drives on and maintain roads in good shape and have wider roads and not keeping
    narrowing down by building damn bike lanes with traffic lights and now damn bus
    lanes if drive on the bus lanes you will get a damn ticket for $115…..
    What the
    hell….why drivers need to deal with this shit when car owners at the end pay more
    in order to drive on these shitty roads…last year I got two flat tires because
    of broken and shitty roads…I remember like now one flat tired was caused but
    buy metal plate covering something in the middle of the road….I say down with
    bike lanes

  6. If you get a flat because of a city pothole or construction equipment in the road i believe you can apply for reimbursement by the city. There’s a program for that I trust someone else can link for you.

  7. It’s just as likely the Driver didn’t notice that he hit the cyclist. It’s JUST as likely that the cyclist intentionally obstructed the driver and then didn’t get out of the way in time in which case he deserves more then he got. 

    Can we stop guessing and waxing theoretical situations here? Either party can be the villain and you all know it!

  8. Either party can be the villain, but in this situation one party fled the scene and that speaks volumes about who’s responsible. Are you somehow saying that a driver fleeing the scene of an accident isn’t at fault because I’d say its an admission of guilt. Mind you the driver fled the scene when the police were called.

    Your “waxing theoretical situations” were pulled out of your ass to discredit the cyclist’s story and reinforce your own beliefs about the road being only for drivers, you’ve established that opinion in the past. My conclusions were deduced from the actions of the driver, so don’t pretend they’re of equal value to yours.

    I hope the cyclist was able to take down the license plate of the car to catch and prosecute the driver.

  9. And the Cyclists accusation was pulled out of his ass as well. If the driver wasn’t aware that they clipped the cyclist how can you fault them for continuing along on their way? 

    You’re presuming the driver fled and somehow that’s supposed to make them automatically guilty? You’re doing the same thing to by discrediting the driver to make the cyclists “story” fit your own beliefs about drivers.

    Either situation is equally plausible. The driver could have clipped the cyclist (accidentally Or intentionally) and then driven away intentionally, or the cyclist could have clipped the driver due their reckless cycling and the driver simply didn’t notice and driven away oblivious.

    It happens all the time all over the country and it’s just one more reason that Bicycles and Cars have no business being on the same road together.

    You can’t deduce the drivers intent. You can only examine what we know. We know a reckless cyclist was clipped and the vehicle drove away. You don’t know what the driver was thinking or what they saw, you don’t know that they intentionally drove away. You’re presuming that’s what happened because it fits your preferred version of events that supports your own personal anti-car campaign.

  10. You are funny guy….being first timer when i took time
    trying to get reimbursement i was naive back then NOBODY will pay you for damn
    thing bottom line its your cost me $125 per each incident

  11. The program exists and I’m sure there are tons of lazy and unmotivated people in the way of getting that money but if you’re tenacious and don’t give up they WILL give it to you. Jump through the hoops they place in your way instead of giving up. That’s why the hoops are there. To discourage people and get them to give up!

  12. You’ve made loads of assumptions here when none of us know the story. And it’s ironic that when it’s bicycle vs pedestrian, your assumptions turn around and still favor the bicycle. You have an obvious and total bias towards the cyclist, an unjustified one at that.

  13. That’s a load of bull and you know it. The only witness is the “victim”. His statement as quoted simply states the vehicle left the scene. That doesn’t establish if the driver KNEW she hit someone and was therefore required to stop. If the driver is unaware of hitting the cyclist how can you describe it as “fleeing the scene”. They aren’t fleeing. That implies guilt.

    Until the driver is tracked down and interviewed we can’t even begin to presume what actually happened.

    If another witness comes forward and says “The car stopped before speeding away” then we can make an educated guess and presume that the driver made a conscious choice to leave the scene of the accident. 

  14. All my assumptions were openly identified as such. Without evidence we can’t know what happened. Do I have bias? Yes, and I’ve been clear and open about that, but at least I leave the door open to show that It’s 100% possible to be the drivers fault as well. Someone had to play devils advocate in favor of the driver here.

    The whole point i was trying to make was that despite stereotypes about drivers and cyclists both, which are all based in some truth no matter how much naysayers deny them, we can’t know who the real victim here is.Only Sith function in absolutes! 

  15. then left the scene when he called police.

    See that word “when”, it modifies the time the driver left the scene as being “when [the cyclist] called police”. Learn to read context clues.

  16. I am pretty sure the pot hole or whatever hole is the problem has to be previously reported and given X amount of time for a “timely repair”. If not repaired in a “timely fashion” then there is a possibility. I do not know of any program that will pay up just on someone’s good word.

  17. Lost will NEVER find fault with a cyclist. Give up. All Lost does is get nasty,call names and have other bikers drop in.

  18. Bloomass and other elected officials see $$$$$ in renting bikes to tourists and the lend a bike or what ever programs they are coming up with for the tourist season. They will have bikes going from one end of Manhattan, Bronx, Queens to Coney Island. Sounds good but this is Brooklyn and I will wait to see how it works out in the heat of the summer. Someone keep a body/limb count. Good Luck.

  19. BTW…..He understood that. The point was that you defend bikers even before you would give a pedestrian the right.
    You just B a biking fool. The more you talk the better everyone else looks. Keep talking.
    You can call me names and harass the shit out of my comments. I don’t care.
    Your song is very tiring and sooooo played out. I’d like to see you ride the big bike path to the sky and stay there. FU2. Just so I don’t have to say it later.

  20. You say either party could be guilty, but you’ve also determined that the cyclist was “reckless”. Who’s predetermining?

  21. I once took the City to court for a pothole causing me a flat requiring a new tiret. They tried to place the blame on the gas company so I sued them both. The gas company tried to blame the City. In they end they split it between them and I wa fully reimbursed. The lawyer for the City turned out to actually be a nice guy.

  22. Yes Bloomberg the billionaire is trying to scrape together a few more bucks and rent bikes to tourists. Yes he is supportive of bike lanes but the money has nothing to do with it. Drivers between gas and insurance spend way than bikers do anyway.

  23. Yea, but just being reckless doesn’t mean it was his fault either. In any case, despite my bias toward the cyclist, it could be the drivers fault or the cyclists fault. 

    If we want to get technical any cyclist on a NYC Street or Bikelane that shares a busy street is reckless by definition, but that’s just my opinion. 

  24. The problem is he claims he was hit on purpose, if the driver did that why would they stick around? It’s just as likely that the car kept driving AS he called police. Since the cyclist has an agenda here, motive to sue for example, we can’t trust his word. Well, you can, and will. I can’t. 

    In the end unless there’s another eyewitness or camera footage we’re not really gonna get to the bottom of this and that’s just the sad truth.

  25. Lol everyone arguing about the driver feels pretty stupid. Considering it turned out to be a false accusation based on a felon on a bike trying desperately not to get arrested a tenth time for being a fuckin idiot. 

  26. I hate how bicyclers think that they’re cars go at there slow pace while we drivers have to suffer from their selfishness. They should get the **** off the road cuz cars rule the roads!!! Honestly, they deserved to be run over!

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