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Bomb Scare Spurred Tuesday’s Evacuation Of P.S. 255, Cunningham J.H.S.

P.S. 255 (Source: Google Maps)
P.S. 255 (Source: Google Maps)

A report of a suspicious device or package on the third floor of P.S. 255 (1866 East 17th Street) spurred police and school administrators to take extra precautions yesterday, evacuating their building and that of Cunningham Junior High School next door.

The evacuation took place at approximately 10:45 a.m., as a large presence from the NYPD arrived on scene – including bomb squad units.

Tipster Mike G. wrote to Sheepshead Bites that kids were taken several blocks away. Adding to the chaos, the school had brought in additional teachers for the day. He writes:

all kids outside three blocks away. Today they brought in teachers from other zones/districts to check tests. As soon as they walked in this morning, the alarm went off and a ton of cops showed up.

Police searched the school but did not find any suspicious device, reports News12.

Students were back in their classrooms by noon.

UPDATE (1:50 p.m.): A parent of a student at P.S. 255 sent us a copy of the note sent home with kids yesterday:

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  1. Yes, it says Tuesday in the headline. But you’re right; I overlooked putting the day in the first paragraph, which I will correct right now.

  2. and yet they allowed children including infants to stay in the playground right next to the school. How pathetic!

  3. My brother goes to Cunningham & he explained to me that the NYPD received an anonymous tip to check the school; maybe they never told the kids that there was a potential bomb threat (which is good I guess, not to scare them) however the letter they brought home did not specify the reason either. I believe that they should’ve put why/what in a letter, esp for the parents. Maybe they’ll get one for today, well see. This is very scary and nerve wrecking, esp knowing that there’s a playground right next door & an elementary school.

  4. yes, i was there and i was evacuated from 3 blocks. it was hot in the sun. tok us about 75 min. outside

  5. not really scary. we didn’t know what was going on at that time. we just thought that it was a normal fire drill. we knew when we went back into the building

  6. can you provide more information? my niece goes to ps255 just want to make sure all is safe.

  7. The evacuation took place before 10:30AM, cause there were loads of students and some teachers on E. 18th St. between Ave. S & T. At the time, I asked one of the teachers what had happened and was told they were just told to evacuate the
    schools. She did not let the students hear what she was telling me.

    There were 3 police cars parked on Ave. S right in front of the entrance of the schools, that I was able to see, as we drove down E.18 St.

    I believe the children were allowed to return to school about 11:15 AM.
    Lots of misinformation in the article about the time. I know because, I was there.

  8. The threat was made against Cunningham JHS as stated in the letter provided and the news reports. P.S. 255 was evacuated as a precaution due to it’s close proximity to Cunningham.

  9. I go to that school. I was in 2nd period when there was fire drill, I didn’t know what was going on so everyone just started playing around. When we were outside it was all fun and games!!! We played, it was free time! Everyone was running around happily. They weren’t so happy when they found out what happened. When we went back inside the principal told us that we had to wait before we went to lunch. Really scary adventure.

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