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Bloomberg Wants To Expand Large Sugary Drink Ban To Entire State

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Mayor Bloomberg’s controversial initiative to ban large sugary drinks sold at fast food joints, movie theaters and sporting events goes into effect March 12. Bloomberg is so certain that the ban will curb the epidemic of childhood obesity that he is calling for the state to enact the same measures he has set for the city, according to a report by the Wall Street Journal.

State officials like Governor Cuomo, Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver and State Senate Republican Leader Dan Skelos have yet to comment on Bloomberg’s desire to extend the large sugary drink ban across the state.

Bloomberg’s remarks come a few weeks before restaurants, food carts, stadiums, movie theaters, delis and arenas are banned from selling sugary drinks in containers larger than 16 ounces. Establishments that ignore the ban will be subject to heavy fines – though it’s worth noting that convenience stores and venues not overseen by the city Department of Health are exempt.

The mayor has taken a lot of heat after putting forward his plan to limit sugary drink sizes from lobbyists from the American Beverage Association (ABA) who don’t buy that city-sponsored portion-control will do anything to promote public health.

“The soda ban is exceedingly unpopular with New Yorkers. It increases the cost of doing business in the city and will have no impact on the mayor’s stated goal of reducing obesity. New Yorkers can decide for themselves what to eat and drink,” Chris Gindlesperger, a spokesman for ABA told the Journal.

Bloomberg has not backed down.

“Kids, once they get obese, they will be obese as adults. And this year, for the first time in the world, in the history of humanity, more people will die from overeating than from under-eating,” the mayor said. “So, we’re trying to do something here.”

We were wondering what our readers think of the looming large soda ban. Do you think it goes too far? Do you support it? Share your thoughts.

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  1. Why are people so readily willing to give up bits and pieces of their freedom to elected officials??? Disturbing to say the least!

  2. If people want to drink large amounts of soda during the day they’ll find ways to do it. You can still buy 2 liter sodas at the super market. They’re not part of the ban, yet. Soda/sugar is a major contributor to the obesity epidemic but so is processed food, flavored yogurt, slurpees, etc. The best thing to come out of this is that it has drawn attention to a major problem that needs to be adressed.

  3. I am continually amazed at the insane God complex this man has. I can’t believe people support this sort of intrusion into our private lives. What’s next, will the government send us to bed without dessert when we don’t eat our vegetables? I have a daddy already, thanks anyway, Bloomberg.

  4. Come on people! Bloomberg is a hero! Some low income uneducated idiots don’t understand a thing about proper nutrion, all they want is some soda and deep fried wings with loafes of corn bread on a side. And who pays for all of their medical bills when these fuckers get diabetes and heart failures? You- yes, you! From your freaking paychecks… Or you think they buy their own health insurance while living in their hoods… Bloomy does the right thing – uneducated need to be educated! If you are so smart- go to stop and shop and get gallons of soda for for even less that you would pay at your local junk food “supersize me” palace.

  5. Pull your head out of your ass. You are pulling a one sided view on something that is about a persons rights.

  6. I have a modest proposal. All New Yorkers will be forcibly implanted with a microprocessor chip that will log one’s intake of food and expense of energy. If the intake exceeds the amount of energy expended in any particular day, a message will be wirelessly uploaded to a special computer at the office of the Komissar of Health, which will send a ticket by mail to the offending party, fining him or her $1 for each unburned calorie. Repeated offenses, or unpaid tickets, will result in the offender being required to construct a special very large prison on Riker’s Island for fatties, while being fed tofu and seaweed. Since this would be hard physical labor, the individual will expend more calories than he or she takes in, and the difference will be counted as “good time” against the sentence.
    Under my scheme, one will be able to drink as much non-diet soda as one wants. But if their metabolism calls for the expenditure of 2,200 calories, and they eat 3,000, that’s a fine of $800. But they would have the option of working some or all of it off, literally.

  7. Why not let people who can afford to BUY sodas buy them and put the BAN on buying soda with food stamps?? Wouldn’t that make more sense? Soda has zero nutritional value and food stamps are a nutritional program right?

  8. Seems like this country wants to control everything you do. Are people now living in a Communist run New York City. You have no choice of want you want to eat now.. .

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