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Bismallah Leaves 1002 Cortelyou Road Vacant, What’s Next?



Just five months after arriving, Bismallah Auto Parts has packed up and left 1002 Cortelyou Road. Before Bismallah, this is the corner space that was once  a Liberty Tax office and, further back, part of George’s.

The landlord is currently looking for a new tenant. If you’re interested in this extra nice corner spot, you can call 718-753-2313.

What do you want to see in this space?

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  1. I would LOVE a Vietnamese restaurant. Can we convince Hanoi Kitchen to open an outpost there?

    I’d also love a *good* diner.

  2. See the post below by Deirdre Perez – George’s used to extend all the way to the corner, back when it was one of Brooklyn’s excellent diners. Maybe someone needs to buy and revive it!

  3. “Normal” George is sad and inedible. Bring in some place like Park Slope’s Fifth Avenue Diner.

  4. Bismillah is Arabic for “in the name of God” and is a phrase generally used by Muslims regardless of language. I suspect Farrokh Bulsara/ Freddie Mercury picked it up during his childhood in Zanzibar.

  5. It’s a remarkable fact that on Avenue J, between Coney Island Avenue and the subway station, there are NINE banks.

    But on Cortelyou Road between Coney and the subway, there are NONE.

    Meanwhile, on Foster Ave at Newkirk Plaza, there’s Chase and Sovereign and a Bank of America ATM.

    Best bet for Cortelyou is a branch of Bank of America.

    Getting a bank branch on Cortelyou should be a priority for our local politicians. However, the politicos may have alienated the banking world by claiming the banks were abusing people who stopped paying their mortgages.

  6. Pork store please! Going all the way to Ave. U or the Slope for Italian groceries defies logic around here!

  7. We don’t have to dream up conspiracy theories about anti-bank politicians here. Avenue J gets far more foot traffic than Cortelyou and therefore has more of nearly everything. As you point out there are plenty of banks within a short radius, including within walking distance to Newkirk Plaza and also on Flatbush Avenue. Like many others in this day and age, I do all my banking online and barely ever have need to actually enter a brick-and-mortar bank. If demand was sufficient, a bank branch would have opened on Cortelyou long ago. I suspect the market just isn’t there.

  8. I agree George’s has a charm about it – but the food really is quite terrible. They serve the absolute worst bagel I have ever had in Brooklyn.

  9. Anything that drives the rest of the old people out of the neighborhood. GOD I HATE OLD PEOPLE! Especially if they grew up here. See the world, ya know?

  10. A chase ATM beyond to always-crowded, often out-of-order, no $50 bill having one at the Duane Reade. I go to Newkirk often enough that it isn’t a big deal for me personally, but some more ATM’s would definitely see lots of use.

  11. I dunno, I never had a terrible meal here. And the price is always good. I can see how some people have a problem with it, being that nothing comes with truffle oil and they don’t serve fancy chipotle omelets. It is a damned no frills Diner, and they are becoming harder to find. If they ever updated it it would prolly turn out like that nightmare on Smith street in Cobble Hill.

  12. Stop. George’s is disgusting. I live on the other side of Coney Island Avenue and I’ve eaten there a couple times because I WANT it to be good. I grew up on Greek diners in Jersey that served basic burgers and sandwiches and all that and this is easily the grossest diner I’ve been to. Easily.

  13. What about “It’s a Dog’s World” On Coney btwn Beverley and Cortelyou? Looks like a pet store to me!!

  14. They even have an ad on this site! (But who am I kidding, I get my pet stuff at Target where it is cheap.)

  15. I grew up in Jersey too and it isn’t that different. Everyone is just being a snob about it. And you know what is happening in Jersey? They try to renovate and change the classic Jersey DIners and when they are done they are awful and pricey. If you think George’s is dirtier than any other restaurant than you are either really naive or completely misinformed. And anyways, the food isn’t bad for the price. People in NY have become too accustomed to paying for fancy decor and overpriced meals. Wake up from your Brunch induced comas; And to Gabby, you are going to get hair in whatever place you eat at, What? Do you think a new Diner is going to come with a hairless robot cook?

  16. ATMs, fine. But I doubt these people asking for an entire bank branch complete with live humans working as tellers will get what they want.

  17. It’s funny how Americans have this aversion to using any bills over $20. There’s just not that much anyone can actually purchase for under $20 dollars. At the grocery store, good luck buying more than 6 items with less than $20. Yet, we feel like someone who uses a $50 is somehow ostentatious or rich – never mind a $100 bill – that’s just too much. Funny to me anyway.

  18. Not dirtiest. Grossest. Brown tomatoes. Stale buns. Etc. Whatever, I’m exaggerating a little…FOR EFFECT. I just think it’s one of the shittier diners I’ve been to.

  19. I am going to ask that the hair be removed before its brought to me. If they don’t see the hair they either dont care or they arent paying attention to more important things. Wanting your food to be presented with care does not make you naive nor misinformed nor does it make you a snob it just makes for basic survival. If you want to pay a penny for cholera go ahead.

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