Bike Coach Eddie Carmona Helps Adults Get Rolling

This could be you!

There are some things one cannot do past puberty. You cannot be a musical prodigy. You cannot launch your career as an Olympic-level gymnast. Speaking another language with absolutely no accent is going to tough. But learning to ride a bike? That, promises bike guru Eddie Carmona, is something you can do.

As the borough’s only adult-focused “independent cycling instructor,” Carmona is devoted to getting “two-wheel-challenged” adults peddling with confidence.

“Kids are easy but it’s really mental for adults — they have a lot of fear,” he told the Brooklyn Paper. “I work on the mind first.”

Ready to get peddling? Carmona doesn’t have a website or a storefront, but he does work part-time as a mechanic at Dixon’s Bike Shop, so swinging by the store might be the place to start. Private lessons are $25/hr, and generally take place in Prospect Park.

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  1. I have taken lessons with Eddie. He is great and I wish him well! He has expanded very nicely and professionally. I reccommend anyone in brooklyn children or adullt to him. he truly is a bike guru, and is becoming very well known all over park slope. He actually does have a website now. You can find him on or by emailing IAEC792@GMAIL.COM or by calling 917.226.8315

    Ride safely!

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