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Beware: Car Thief Caught On Tape!

0 published surveillance video yesterday that shows a white male who appears to be in his 20s, going down the street checking cars for unlocked doors.

The incident occurred on April 9, shortly after 4:00 a.m. on Melba Court in Gerritsen Beach.

In the second of the two videos (below), the supect finds an unlocked vehicle, gets in, rummages through it and takes a few items before moving on.

This is a reminder to always lock the doors to your vehicles and your homes!

If you recognize the suspect, contact the Crime Stoppers hotline at 1-800-577-TIPS, or text CRIMES and then enter TIP577, or visit

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  1. I saw another guy do the same thing once from my balcony. I called the cops. Brave 61St did a drive by 20 minutes later when the guy was long gone.

  2. Now, now,, the video doesn’t prove anything. In fact for the 61, it may as well have never been recorded – they refuse to watch them. They might come by an hour or two later to take a report if you are lucky.  Lord knows I still have the video of a junky trying to get in my Manhattan Beach home that the heroes refused to even look at and the manager at Stop and Shop had the security video of my car being robbed that the police said “wouldn’t be necessary to see.”

    Why ever would police need videos that give descriptions of criminals? Crime doesn’t happen in the 61, only parking tickets, seat belt ambushes and payoffs. All of us know we can’t count on a cop. It is amazing the amount of private arsenals being amassed in Bloombergistan by people you would never expect because of this. Funny the people with the arsenals keep lawyers on call to defend them when the time comes that they have to use them, because in Bloombergistan, only citizens need fear the police- Criminals know they are protected especially in the 61,

  3. Well put and very true,I almost hate to post about this truth because I feel like they will come after me.The 61 needs to be looked at but there is no telling how high of an extent the corruption goes.

  4. You wouldn’t believe what I went through with them. A detective flat out told me that a hand written threat (fingerprints) and vandalism from someone caught on video was “not serious enough.” Not to mention I was told that since I didn’t recognize the handwriting “there was nothing they could do even though I knew the bastard’s name and where he lived and that he is trafficking in illegal prescription narcotics.  According to that logic if you get shot in the head within the confines of the 61 and you don’t recognize the gun and person it came from.. no crime happened. 

    They did did make sure that the Bay News covered the “story” in their “Police Blotter.” After reaching to high level former police in Safir Rosetti’s office and receiving no results I gave up with local police. That precinct even refused to respond to a 911 call last year when my neighbor saw three teens eyeing his property and his kids bicycles, with bolt-cutters in their backpacks. Descriptions were given and their locations, but not a single squad car bothered to respond. They do give out tickets very well. Setting up “stings” to nab Asian women not wearing seat belts and unwary motorists that they claim do not stop at stop signs near the end of the month.This is usually where the site administrator contacts us demanding “proof” of our “claims”. Dear Ned, Most people know when we are being pissed on and don’t keep samples of it for your “burden of proof”.I have seen the private arsenals residents of Sheepshead Bay are now carrying, scary stuff for people you’d think of as timid and quiet. They know they are on their own and act accordingly. I wouldn’t want to break in to their homes..

  5. there street thugs.I had to go to the 61 for something simple,the officer at the front desk was acting like I pissed on his cornflakes but I was being very respectful until I couldn’t take it any mor and said “what is wrong with you,why are you acting like a dick,I did nothing and your acting like you want my lunch money”.After this happened every week they sent people to my Sheepshead bay rd store to write me a ticket for litter,for a cigarette butt or a leaf,anything,I alwayd swept all day and never recieved a ticket until the confrontation.Then one day I had a customer flipping out in my store ,I called 911 for help,they never showed.I called 3 times in 2 hours,nothing.They sat outside in there car about a block away in eyes view of my shop pointing and laughing.I had to to throw the guy out physically myself and risk injury.I since closed but they would still pull me over weekly to harass me on emmons ave.Breathalizer tests at 11am for no reason,guns drawn it was getting to be to much.I sold my car and got a new model so they dont recognize me and wrote a letter to a higher power than them and it stopped.Don’t mess with them,they have plenty of time on there hands to make your life miserable

  6. Only citizens need fear the police, for they have something to lose and aren’t threats to them. The criminals on the other hand needn’t fear them for they will harm them and have nothing they can take.

    What are we paying taxes for? We are on our own. None of my phones dial 911… 

    But at least the police all get to retire at 30 with $85,000 a year pensions and benefits for life… 

    What is funny is how many of the same name keep coming up from that precinct regarding abuses of power, dereliction of duty and the appearance if not more of out right corruption….. 

    Do you really think that case of them being recorded framing an innocent man is a lone incident? Several people I know were pulled from their cars and beaten by them for no reason. They nearly died, but received multimillion dollar payouts. It goes on every day and nothing happens

  7. this is my point,I have such horrible stories of the 61 and when I tell them to friends all I hear is more stories that topple my own.This is why I say there is no telling how hight the corruption goes,I am POSITIVE there are dozens if not hundreds of complaints that get pushed to someone up top and then tossed out.I will never put myself in the position of telling an officer that thinks that left is right that he is wrong

  8.  CCRB ? Are you serious? I know of someone who did that several years ago and was promptly paid a visit by four detectives “suggesting” he drop the complaint immediately. After refusing, he came out the next day to find all of his tires slashed and a uniformed cop sitting on the hood of his car. The “officer” looked up at him and said: “Guess you could use a cop huh?” and walked away.

    The cops are as bad if not worse than the criminals they refuse to arrest. I am not raped by property taxes to fund the criminal’s pensions.

    When I was a college kid there was a Polish cop in that precinct who pulled me over for no reason and threatened to “pull me out of my car and beat” me. He was notorious in that precinct for being stupid and hotheaded.

    I am as white as white can be, anytime I hear stories about the mistreatment so called minorities receive and blame it on race, I laugh. It isn’t the color of skin, they treat everyone the same.

  9.  yeah, i am serious. this is exactly why the cops do whatever they want because of excuses like “I know of someone who did that several years ago”, but did YOU file a complaint?

  10.  The CCRB is like going to John Gotti to complain that you are being shaken down by “his” men. Good luck with that. It will make you very popular with the locals who from numerous stories will use every one of the police powers they have, but refuse to use against criminals, against the CCRB complainer.

    Good people who are sick of what goes on in Brooklyn are voting with their feet and fleeing this vipers nest of corruption, patronage and fraud. There are paradises outside of this toilet with taxes 1/10th of here, no crime, no crooked cops and no politicans in bed with Russian mobsters. You can keep this third-world toilet.

    You can keep this toilet – Brooklyn is the toilet everyone uses but never flushed.

  11. This is sad…My father,a grown man,retired 25 years ago from 1 Police Plaza cried out loud after the way he was spoken to by a cop from the 61 after getting pulled over for a seatbelt.My heart dropped.He is an old man 3 blocks from his home and when he presented the cop with a Captains card and much respect it was returned in a barage of insults to a man that just found out he had cancer the day before.He said “You wuz  a cop but your still so fucking stupid that you dont no ya haves ta wears a seatbelt?I should ticket you for being a fucking idiot?”

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