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Bernie Sanders Spotted In Midwood This Afternoon


Following a big win in the New Hampshire primary, presidential candidate Bernie Sanders toured his old stomping grounds in Midwood Wednesday for an interview with CBS News.

The famously curmudgeonly Vermont Senator, who walloped his Democratic opponent Hilary Clinton at the polls Tuesday, was spotted by neighbors stalking the streets along Kings Highway — where he grew up. Sanders wasn’t just in town for a victory lap, or to score some Brooklyn pizza, he was trailed by news crews working on a profile piece for CBS.

Photographs of the senator walking beside CBS’ Scott Pelley were posted to Twitter this afternoon. The interview is expected to broadcast tonight at 6:30pm.

Sanders was also spotted coming out of Memo Shish Kebab at Kings Highway and East 19th Street.

Marianne Salatandre, a cashier at the restaurant, said Sanders seemed very comfortable, like any other Brooklyn neighbor, when he stopped by around 2pm.

“He was a very sweet, charming man,” she said. “He was beyond a gentleman.”

Salatandre said the senator snacked on a lamb sandwich and some mixed kebabs for lunch.

Sanders grew up in a prewar apartment building on East 26th Street, near Kings Highway, and attended James Madison High School, according to the New York Times. He later went to Brooklyn College and then transferred to the University of Chicago.

However, it wasn’t until Sanders moved to Vermont that he began his career in politics. He ran for mayor of Burlington, the state’s largest city, and eked out a victory in 1981 — winning by a mere 10 votes, according to the candidate’s website.

Now the longest-serving independent senator in Congress, Sanders is running for president on a Democratic ticket. His campaign has seen a groundswell of support around his populist rhetoric and calls for greater income equality.

It’s worth noting that Sanders turned down an invite from the Madison-Marine-Homecrest Civic Association last year to speak at James Madison High School about the corrupting influence of money in politics. Sanders often touts that his campaign has not accepted donations from wealthy corporate interests.

Well, better late than never. Welcome home, Bernie.

Update [February 10, 9:30pm]: Watch Bernie Sanders describe his Brooklyn upbringing to CBS here.


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  1. Welcome home? His home hasn’t been in Brooklyn for decades. He ditched Brooklyn and NYC for Vermont. Stop with the welcome home nonsense like he was on vacation or something

  2. You can take the boy out of Brooklyn, but you can’t take Brooklyn out of the boy. You’ve heard him speak, right?

  3. Two very left senators from James Madison, Chuck Schumer being another. I graduated from James Madison, but not sure where did I go right!:)

  4. I have family members who moved out of Brooklyn years ago and still call themselves Brooklynites. Bernie was born and raised in Brooklyn, went to Brooklyn College and then moved away and I personally know he’s never forgoteen his roots.

  5. Well if they all loved Brooklyn so much and still refer to themselves as Brooklynites then why did they all chose to leave. And sanders didn’t even graduate from Brooklyn college he transferred to a school in Illinois. So I guess he didn’t like it here too much

  6. That’s not true. Most of the time the boy leaves Brooklyn because they like it somewhere else better. I hate when people still call themselves Brooklynites when they haven’t even lived here in over 30 years. If they were so proud of their Brooklyn roots then they would not have chose to pack up and leave.

  7. Very unfortunate that he didn’t bother passing by James Madison High School. I know he’s been invited their multiple times, meanwhile the students were looking forward to meeting another highly successful alumni.

  8. and so what he if left, this city is turning into a shit hole year after year cant better your self if you don’t leave your home i met many people in Brooklyn who have never even left the state let alone the country which is sad

  9. Its sad people have never left the city? If people enjoy living here and have their career, family and friends here then why would they move away? If you don’t like it here that is fine but don’t look down on people who like to live in NYC and make it their permanent homes.

    Crime rates have fallen rapidly in the last 20 years

    Nyc business is booming

    Property values are higher than ever

    By far the most populus city in the US

    Yea your right this city is going right down the tubes lmao

  10. Joe its not turning into a shit hole per say, but for many Brooklynites, it is becoming unaffordable, and as a matter of fact it is becoming overpopulated with outsiders who can afford it. Bernie is a Brooklyn boy who left for a job in the senate.

  11. Yes it is getting expensive. But that is going to happen to any city that becomes a desirable place to live and raise a family. And unfortunately not everyone is going to be able to afford it. Which is why they say if you can make it here, you can make it anywhere.

    But I rather have Brooklyn become more expensive, safe and a good place to raise a family. Instead of it going back to being cheap but crime ridden and bankrupt like it was in the 70s and 80s.

  12. another famous Brooklynite is Barbra Streisand who avoided our hometown like the plague until recently. The list of ex-pat Brooklynites is very long and most never stop by to say hello.

  13. I feel you Joe, I try not to complain about gentrification because that is just the game of life. I’m just kind of feeling the Bern and hope people look past the fact that they may have to pay a bit more in taxes to level out the quality of life lower payed people get. And hoping that lower waged people aren’t categorized as hood rats and white trash, (which yes, some are) but also as hard working Americans who just have a hard time catching a break.

  14. Of course they can. But when they move Brooklyn is no longer their home. They move to a new hometown because that is where they want to be

  15. O yea I definitely understand you. I was not trying to make Sanders look like a bad guy. I was just more annoyed at the title of the article not Sanders coming to Brooklyn.

    It just annoys me when so many people refer to themselves as being true Brooklynites or true New Yorkers, meanwhile they moved away years ago. That is what I was trying to say lol

  16. Bernie Sanders left Brooklyn for good just when Brooklyn needed its longtime residents not to abandon it. Crime was on the rise, the streets were filled with garbage (quite suddenly — I remember walking along Church Avenue to take my SATs at Erasmus when I noticed the litter, and it was new and disconcerting), there were rapes and murders, and deadbeats were having more babies than the working middle class were — a very bad thing for demographics and for the city coffers.

    Now he’s come back for a visit. Eh.

  17. I did not get the impression that Bernie Sanders is nostalgic for Brooklyn, just that he visited his roots. He is entitled. If he had stayed here to develop a political career, just think, he could have been the proto-“Marty Markowitz”, and could have been the Boro President instead of the President of the US. It’s the American Dream. Anyways, I like the idea that both Trump and Sanders are NYC’ers and even Mrs. Clinton has ties to New York. I wonder if her campaign HQ is still in Bklyn? Not much is made of that lately. During the upcoming April New York State primary, who will claim the title of Hometown Hero, Bern or Hill?

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