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Belleville Bistro Closed for “Major Changes”


belleville exterior

Some major renovations are going on at Belleville, the bistro at the corner of Fifth Avenue and Fifth Street. The windows are covered in sheets of newspaper, the awnings are being removed, and a sign posted at the entrance reveals that the restaurant has been closed since Monday while “undergoing major changes.”

belleville sign

Taking into account the as-yet-unopened Fornino, as well as the growing skepticism regarding¬†Moutarde’s renovations, this is the kind of news that is usually foreboding.

Well, fans of the bistro can rest assured: the restaurant is in fact reopening, and as early as next week. I spoke with owner Sonia, who took over with her husband Dan last April, and got the scoop on the transition.

“We realized it was a mistake to keep the name when we started,” Sonia says, “so we’re changing the name and we’re taking the opportunity to do some fresh paint and new decor. It will still be a French bistro style, which is what we love and why we came from France to take over.”

And as for the menu changes?

“The chef who started with us has left, so we’ll be working with a new chef on a new menu. It’ll be typical French, but maybe adding something a little different, some classics. It will also be Kosher.”

Sonia is optimistic about the reopening, projecting that they’ll be back in business early next week.

“I know it sounds crazy,” she tells me, “but we’re doing renovations very fast. We’re still looking at a few chefs, so that’ll be the last step.”

We’ll keep an eye out for new signs and the reopening. Are you excited for a new and improved bistro?

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