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Springtime at a Ditmas House

Springtime at a Ditmas House by AMRosario on Flickr.

You’ve got company coming in from out of town, but you don’t have enough space for all of them? We have plenty of rooms available around the neighborhood in some beautiful bed & breakfasts, and one new set of suites. Because people often ask, we thought we’d compile them all here so you can easily find them when you need them.

Bed & Breakfasts

Bibi’s Garden
Bibi and Harry Kisoensing
762 Westminster Road
718-434-3119, bibisgarden@aol.com

DeKoven Suites
Sue Lehrer
30 DeKoven Court
718-421-1052, suzieboo@aol.com

Emilia’s Retreat
Donna Zaengle
31 DeKoven Court
718-724-0406, EmiliasRetreat@aol.com

Eve’s Place
Eva Isman
751 Westminster Road
347-256-2577, evesplace_2001@yahoo.com

The Griffin
Joseph Berk and Jeannine Umrigar
32 Dekoven Court
718-875-7645, thegriffinbandb@optonline.net

Handfinger’s Hide-Away
Merrie Handfinger
522 Rugby Road
718-469-8285, merrie@handfinger.com

Honey’s Bed & Breakfast
Laura and Carlos Berger
770 Westminster Road
917-873-9493, info@honeysbedandbreakfast.com

The Isabella At Ditmas Park
Jorin and Alexandra Reddish
557 Rugby Road
718-826-0456, info@theisabellaatditmaspark.com

The Loralei
Robert Seidel and Lance Tukell
667 Argyle Road
646-228-4656, info@loraleinyc.com

Rugby Gardens
Sue Fishkin and Michael Hurwitz
317 Rugby Road
718-469-2244, rugbygardens@gmail.com


Midwood Suites
1306 Avenue H and 1078 East 15th St
718-253-9535, Midwoodsuites.com@gmail.com

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  1. This is a great post.  As feedback, my parents have stayed at a number of these places.  Their favorite is the Lorelei: beautiful, clean rooms and super friendly, warm owner.  They found Bibi’s to be nice, but the owner’s a little frosty.  Rugby Gardens never had availability and was not good about returning phone calls.  The DeKoven has very friendly owners but the space is clean but not fancy.  The Griffith is best for families with children–it’s basically a 2 bedroom apartment, and worked great when my cousins were in town.  I’d love to hear about other people’s experiences with the other B&Bs.

  2. Thank you! My parents have always been looking for a place to stay and I always end up having to stick them in the Bed Stuy best western. Sending this to them now!

  3. I’ve heard that Rugby Gardens is pretty popular among visiting parents, grandparents, etc. The closeness to Cortelyou seems like a plus.

  4. I’m sorry you experienced a problem with us returning a phone call(s). That is not our norm and we’re glad you brought this to our attention.
    At all times, our main goal is a high level of service and comfort for our guests. We do try to return calls in a timely manner. We hope you will try us again sometime.
    Co-Owner Rugby Garden B&B

  5.  Sorry-
    I omitted something-
    The writer that I responded to said 2 things about us – “Rugby Gardens never had availability and was not good about returning phone calls.”
    My question: How did you find out that we didn’t have availability if phone calls were not returned?

  6. I’ve had family stay at Honey’s and they were very happy there. This list is a great resource – thanks Mary!

  7. Twice I’ve called and left messages and no one called back.  Twice I’ve gotten someone to pick up, and there was no availability.

  8. My house.  Prices Negotiable.  Scotch is included.  Enjoy the authentic band of feral cats that prowl the porch after midnight! 

  9. My mother stayed at the Blue Porch once and absolutely loved it… beautiful house and very friendly owners. Plus, DeKoven. Need I say more?

  10.  Thanks for clarifying. I’m sorry you had that experience, and glad that you brought it to our attention.
    Generally speaking, I try to be diligent about answering all messages. Often people will say only to call back if we have availability. In any case, it is clear that we need to do better.
    Thanks again.

  11. I wish some of these B&B’s would rent out “porch access” in the spring and summer months for us apartment dwellers! 😉 

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