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Beautiful Birds Of Jamaica Bay


With Christmas being a fast-fading memory and winter now officially freezing our butts off, I find myself turning to the sweet warm memories of summer. Helping me realize this impossible dream of warmer days is a gorgeous photo collection of Jamaica Bay’s birds, captured this past August by Jeremy Drakeford and posted online Christmas Day.

His beautiful gallery features a whole assortment of birds I couldn’t possibly identify without the help of my bird-watching mother, who is also currently freezing her tail off in Portland, Maine. Even without mom’s help, these cute and colorful birds have sparked in me dreams of beaches, baseball, hot dogs and sunshine.

See Drakeford’s full gallery.


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  1. A few years ago i was watching my young daughter’s softball game in Marine Park. It was later in the evening on one of the diamonds by Ave U. Suddenly the girls started squealing. Apparently, a hawk had swooped down and grabbed a squirrel that was running through the outfield. It was a bit of excitement in an otherwise grueling no hitter….

    BTW, that’s a gorgeous bird.

  2. So you don’t care if it is dead, if a photo like this never happens again…the environment is important, and just because you don’t care about the world around you doesn’t mean you should stop others from working hard to save you. By the way, people on both sides have issues with the pipeline. Stop crying about liberals, at least we work to make the world a better place. Someone has to.

  3. no, at least THIS liberal can’t put ‘it’ to rest…. not as long as the pipeline is being pushed by conservatives… who would rather look at ‘pretty pictures’ then lift a finger to stop the destruction of the wildlife habitat that this bird relies on to live

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