Be on the Lookout for Willie, A Box Turtle Who Escaped After 70 Years


Missing: Willie the Turtle

An eastern box turtle purchased in the 1940s escaped from his Windsor Terrace home recently, and after seeing this sign in the window of Sean Casey Animal RescueBuzzFeed contacted Willie’s owner Ed Schloeman to learn what happened.

Schloeman explained that Willie, one of four turtles his family got around the time Schloeman was born, got out of his backyard enclosure, and that he’s “probably hibernating someplace somehow.” He’s hopeful that when the weather warms up, Willie will come out of hibernation, and a neighbor will spot him. Not that he’s so broken up about it:

Schloeman said Willie has no particular personality, and didn’t appear personally anguished over his disappearance.

“You can’t get close to a turtle,” he said.

If you find Willie, call 917-826-8497 to get them reunited.

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