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Bay People Gets A Lawyer, According To New Flier

Bay People's new flier. First spotted on (click to enlarge)

According to a new flier making rounds on the blocks near the proposed Voorhies Avenue mosque, Bay People, Inc., is putting the $30,000+ it raised to use by retaining a “COMPETENT” lawyer for the “FIRST part of the legal process.”

Other than that, there’s not much to be said about the flier. Except that their design skills are certainly improving.

We hope to hear from Bay People soon about their legal strategy, as the mosque property owner’s rights appear to be secure so long as the building remains within zoning guidelines. So far, no plans have been approved for the location.

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  1. I feel that listing someone’s religon is not an excuse for opposing their building. If it were a church or synagogue, I doubt that anyone would have tried to stop it even though it has the same physical problems.

  2. Perhaps he told them they had no legal grounds for action. I suppose that would be considered incompetent. But imagine that, an honest attorney. I certainly hope that sort of thing doesn’t catch on.

  3. Hey Ned! You should rename this blog. Called it Sheepshead Baits. That’s because a lot of people are baiting one another here and on other threads.

    What a lovely neighborhood.

  4. I would LOVE to hear Bay People Inc’s argument.
    Bay People Inc is un-American. In America, we have freedom of religion and speech, unlike Russia.

  5. Good try,
    Round the clock disruptions_____________ HOW?

    Heavy Traffic___________________ where? Is it the only one in NY,, Interesting!!!

    Loud Noise _________________ what is round the clock disruption then?

    calls 5 times a day____________ Not true, why repeating?

    Pollution_____________ is that out of traffic? I like circles never ends(same.. same)

    Block Side walks___________ with what? the building contains everyone, and not to be overloaded. If it happens I think DOT, will give tickets ,,

    Less or even no parking in the street________ so no one will drive then…!!!

    MAS… Anti-American,,,, Then why they live here with professional, high education, houses, kids, cars, businesses, and live as tax payers citizens? Lie about them

    all of them are shaky with no foundation….
    People of Sheepshead Bay are not to be fooled with such unreasonable claim,

    But good try and this is the beauty of this country, feel free to say whatever you like , even if it does not make sense…. Freedom of speech, Free of religion too.

    Raise raise money, the “COMPETENT” lawyer is looking to see you every week, do not forget to pay him!!!

  6. i got this flyer on my car recently. humans make me sick. look at their accomplishments… so stupid “we made a cake” could be on that list.

    apparently EVERYONE has forgotten that their own government has terrorist ties. have we all forgot who trained the taliban?

    when i got this on my car i felt like i was being invited to a clan rally. can i sue this group myself? id be my own lawyer.

  7. What about the fact that they organized a rally that hundreds of people showed up for? Granted, they would’ve been there to see the parade and everything anywho… It’s like that time I organized a flash mob by going to that Thanksgiving Parade! People were there as soon as I showed up! I had a hand in it! It was amazing! Floats came out of my ass and everything!

  8. “rich russians and their condos causing traffic” – Condos are causing traffic? That’s awesome! Keep smokin’ that good stuff!

  9. I’d say you have as much right to sue them as they have the right the harass the builders of the mosque.

    Let’s see. We can start with a simple defamation of character suit. Since they insist on calling themselves “Bay People” others assume that you have the same views as they do. Such views that have caused national media to assume that Sheepshead Bay is a community of boobs and imbeciles. Obviously this has affected your ability to earn a living, and damaged your reputation beyond repair. You feel psychologically wounded and even your ability to enjoy legal pleasures of a carnal nature has been adversely affected. And then there are the awful nightmares where Sheepshead Bay disappears under the floods caused by the wrath of an angry God.

    I think that at the least we can get them to stop calling themselves “Bay People”. We shall settle for something like “A Committee Composed Of SOME Residents Of Sheepshead Bay”.

  10. Yes! The Condos do cause heightened traffic conditions. They are especially onerous when the developers put 10 family condo APARTMENTS into buildings with only 6 parking spaces in the driveways. It’s a logical suggestion that if you increase the number of people allowed to live in a space where a third lived before there is going to be congestion problems.
    It’s these rich Russians with their humongous SUVs that block the box, swerve around corners, and who litter the telephone poles with “Lost Dog” signs that are really troublesome.

  11. Yeah, I have to agree. Condos do cause traffic problems. My block alone had four single family houses torn down to construct condos a few years back, so now there’s condo buildings with twenty units/families replacing what was once four. That’s an extra sixteen families, and it’s safe to at least assume half have at least one car (actually more, in reality). Not all the condos have parking spaces (between all four buildings, so that means more cars fighting for spots, as well as slowing down to search for spots or people double-parking on alternate side-parking days. Then you add in the fact that adjacent blocks also have condos, thus increasing the number of more cars slowing down and searching for parking, especially since if your block is full, you move on to the next block and so on.

  12. Any lawyer will make EASY money from this…. Its America, you can sue for ANYTHING…

    It may be better to call 311 for ANy hazardous conditions on the work site…

    Make it very hard for them to build the mosque

    No smoking on the site – violation

    Hard Hats and boots for all workers – violation

    Workers should be insured, no illegal immigrants

    Scaffolding done the right way

    Call 311
    Ask for BUILDING department complaints.


    They will ask for you borough and address… I think the fence permit expired…

    Also, adjacent properties must make sure that the property line is current.. even 1 inch on your property will make them change the plans….

    BUT, DO NOT just call 311 with Bull S-it .. only if you see any public safety problems

  13. I know u r for the mosque….

    You will probably be the FIRST person coming in and last person to leave… R u going to get a book bag on Sunday?

    I am trying to understand what lawyer will make EASY money?
    Does anyone know of a name?

    Don’t understand what case they will bring to the judge and what judge will listen to the case that has no merit…

    The mosque is doing nothing illegal. Except some of the people funding it have terror background..

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