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Bar Chord Coming to Cortelyou Road


updated bar chord logo via facebook

Bar Chord, a new bar and music venue, is coming to 1008 Cortelyou Avenue just off of Coney Island Avenue, in the former location of La Nueva Union Bakery before it moved up the block to its new location.

Husband and wife Jonny and Christy Sheehan signed the lease on the space at the beginning of this month.

“We’ve lived in the neighborhood for seven years,” said Christy, “and we just want to add to the growing and vibrant community with another casual spot to grab drinks close to home.”

In addition to a full bar with draft beers and snack selections, Bar Chord will feature a collection of vintage guitars for sale, curated by local musician and photographer Stephen Lovekin. They will also sell guitar supplies such as picks and strings behind the bar.

jukebox from bar chord

“My husband Jonny Sheehan is a mandolin and guitar player who has played in many bands over the years,” said Christy. “We thought, with so many musicians in our hood, there may be more people looking for a local spot to replace a string and have a beer at the same time.”

The Sheehans already have Bar Chord’s very pretty jukebox (right) living in their garage.

“We got a killer vintage jukebox and we even may let our neighbors program some of the music,” said Christy.

The bar will host acoustic music regularly and “Wings and Strings” events in the warm months featuring “acoustic jams, wings and beer.”

Christy’s family has been in the restaurant and bar business for a long time, she said, “so we know what we are getting into.”

The couple currently owns Mad Props Productions, a video production company, “and will continue doing video work and supervising projects as time allows.” Johnny has worked in production on MTV, VH1, A&E, NBC and more. Christy has written shows for VH1, A&E, USA,  E!, Style Channel as well as producing pilots and industrials.

“We look forward to joining the existing businesses in our neighborhood,” said Christy, “and creating a space that feels like it’s been there forever.”

Bar Chord’s building plans have been approved. Construction will start during the first week of January.

Photo via Bar Chord

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  1. Maybe when all the empty storefronts on Cortelyou fill up! Or when some sort of traffic calming feature is installed in the CIA/Cortelyou intersection…

  2. What do you mean?? We have a Madrasa, a tailor, a woman next to the tailor that sells what looks like only one product, a liquor store and garages! I think the available storefronts would be pretty cheap and would create a new go-to area of Cortelyou.

  3. Ha! No slight intended; Sycamore serves its clientele well. Sometimes, though, you want to be able to have a conversation over a reasonably-priced beer, maybe even in a sitting-down-type position, not milling about a crowded bar having one’s eardrums split with grating techno-rap-alt-grunge music. A group of us oldsters ended up departing the place the other night when our only option was to sit outside in the freezing cold…and even there the music was blasting.

  4. I think if we had more options things wouldnt be so crowded and loud – 773 Lounge is also another option but yeah very happy for this opening and I second the back yard inquiry.

  5. I love our neighborhood. Anything that fills up a vacant storefront is welcome, but Bar Chord sounds really wonderful — like there’s a lot of love in it. Can’t wait!

  6. The volume is directly squared in proportion to the amount of drinks the staff have consumed that evening. But yes, Sycamore can get pointlessly loud on many occasions. Costello is a different space that doesn’t work well as the classic bar. 773 Lounge was once described as a place where dreams go to die. I’m sure some have met their demise through drowning in that place.

  7. To my knowledge, there are only two vacancies on the other side of CIA – Bistro 915 and Palermo Pizza. All of the other businesses are meeting a demand and have to be located somewhere. Are you complaining just because they aren’t the sort of businesses you like?

  8. This is great news. I love Sycamore, but ever since Solo closed it has been way too loud and crowded, especially on the weekends. My own bargoing habits exemplify Yogi Berra’s old quote, “Nobody goes there anymore, it’s too crowded.” There’s definitely room for another bar on Cortelyou.

  9. I welcome the presence of acoustic music to Cortelyou. I will definitely give it a shot. And if he is selling strings, all the better.

  10. Looking forward to it.

    Hoping they carry good scotch and/or interesting cocktails at a fair price to stand out a little. Draft beers are pretty well covered in the area between Sycamore and Ox Cart, not to mention Double Windsor up the way.

  11. This is so awesome! I Really hope you have Sunday night bluegrass jams! Please oh please do this. We used to have open bluegrass jams in Colorado and they were crazy fun!

  12. I have to agree… and Sycamore basically turns out the lights after 8pm. I’m not that old, so it’s not my eyes. Basically the only light is uplighting from the bar top. It’s honestly really weird how dark it is. It shouldn’t be daylight in there, but another 40 watt bulb’s worth of light would be a huge difference. Alas, it seems the youngin’s like a dark cave that you can neither see nor hear the people you are there with.

  13. I’m not at all surprised that nobody thought to mention Visions. Anybody want to opine why that place is a steaming pile of fail?

  14. I just saw this and I am OVERJOYED. Finally, another venue plus one that serves WINGS AND BEER!!! Now, I just wonder if they would be able to lower the action on my guitar?

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