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Banco Popular Undergoes Rebranding; Now Known As “Popular Community Bank”

Banco Popular is now "Popular Community Bank." Photo by Erica Sherman

Banco Popular, the venerable Puerto Rican-based financial institution whose presence is a longtime mainstay at two Sheepshead Bay locations, underwent signage and rebranding changes throughout the New York Metropolitan area virtually overnight to reflect “an increasingly diverse customer base.”

Source: Facebook. Click to enlarge

Banco Popular is now known as Popular Community Bank and the name change became official June 4, at 32 branches in New York City and seven in New Jersey — and,  impressively, on the massive, seven-story high NASDAQ screen on Broadway and 43rd Street.

What do these changes mean for Banco Popular customers? Fortunately, not a whole lot, according to New York Region Executive Brian Doran, who reassures us that: “We are changing in name only. Popular Community Bank remains committed to delivering superior customer service and staying actively involved in the communities where we do business.”

According to a press release on the bank’s website:

“The rebranding sends a clear message that we are a bank with the personal service of a community bank, deep roots in our communities and the capacity to meet the lending needs of any business,” said Richard Carrión, Chairman and CEO of Popular.

The rebranding of the New York Metro branches completes the rebranding of Popular’s U.S. banking operations that was successfully initiated as a pilot program in Illinois in 2010 and simultaneously rolled out to California and Florida in 2011.

In our area, Popular Community Bank is located at both 3851 Nostrand Avenue and 1619 Sheepshead Bay Road. You can visit their website or check them out on Facebook to learn more.

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  1. Aye dios mio! 

    I remember when the Sheepshead Bay Road branch was the American Savings Bank and I recall a family member or two reading cultural signals into the change to Banco Popular (it is possible I am skipping a change or two in between American Savings and Banco Popular but it was still change of the same sort).

    Also – side shout out to Betty Brite on the side there. That sign should be show up on those vintage sign posts on places like Vanishing New York and Forgotten New York.

  2. I believe it is on a Forgotten New York page. Handpainted signs would catch Kevin Walsh’s interest.

    As for Vanishing New York, someday I shall convince Jeremiah Moss to take a trip down to these parts.

  3. He was right there a few years ago when he reported on Monica’s Bridal. Don’t recall reading anything about Betty Brite.

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