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Bagels R Us Replaces Jonathan’s Bakery Next To The Train Station

Bagels R Us, the newest bagel joint at 1424 Sheepshead Bay Road

There’s a new bagel place in the ‘hood.

Photo by Erica Sherman. Click to enlarge

A couple of tipsters – okay, I was one of them – alerted us to the brand new sign installation of Bagels R Us, including an anonymous tipster who sent in the above photo. The new bagel establishment replaces the slightly more than two-years-old Jonathan’s Bakery at 1424 Sheepshead Bay Road.

Jonathan’s Bakery – the evolution of the previously named  Dish D’lish, the bagel store that replaced Bagel Stop back in January 2010, and named after the owner’s son Jonathan – was the third establishment in that location offering the esteemed and enviable New York bagel, and is right around the corner from the competing Bagel Boy at 1602 Avenue Z.

If you’ve already stopped in to sample the doughy fare of Bagels R Us, let us know what you think in the comments.

In the meantime, we wish them the best of luck.

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  1. Makes me smile to see more and more BAGEL MAKERS opening stores in Bklyn (again) for a while it seemed like the Brooklyn BAGEL was going to disappear for good as bagel stores kept closing.  We lost a lot of good kosher type deli’s…  lets hold onto our beloved BAGELS.  sooooo   which one has the better bagel?  Do they do it right?  do they boil before baking?  there is nothing more disappointing then trying a new Bagel place only to find they are selling that puffy white bread that passes as a bagel in the rest of the country

  2. I never taste a bad bagel from any of them. Only those packaged ones in the supermarket are a little inferior. I liked Jonathan’s, too bad it closed, but glad it was replaced by a bagel place.

  3. bagel boy is a serious competitor…it will be very tough to lure customers away from them, dish delish tried it but wasn’t successful and it turned into a bakery..good luck to these guys

  4. The people at Jonathan’s Bakery were really nice and I hate to see a local business go under, but honestly, they were terrible. The food was really awful, perhaps from always switching back and forth to different “themes” with no focus. A lot of their products were stale and they often got orders incorrect. Bagel Boy has pretty good food but the lines are long as hell and the staff is generally rude, so this place should have no problem taking a little business from them, especially with such a good location. 

  5. Here is the problem with Bagel Boy. Their bagels are terrible. Their deli and food items are very good, but the bagels are incredibly generic, taste almost like Lenders. 

  6. Best bagels in the neighborhood, imho, are from either Knapp Street or Emmons Bagels.  I think that Kings Highway is the best overall.  Bionic Bagels, Bagel Boy, the mini marts all have awful bagels.  Hope this one is really good.


  7. I don’t know why bagel boy does well.  It totally sucks and always has.  Yesterday I bought an everything bagel.  When I got home and took it out of the bag, it was white – almost raw, and way too much salt in the everything mix.  Maybe this new place will take the business away from BB.  BB’s deli items suck also.  Someone in this blogsite swore up and down that their tuna and other salads were “to die for’.  Sorry, that person is either a really bad cook, had a mother who was a horrible cook, or has no live tastbuds.

  8. There is a bagel place on Nostrand right off King’s Highway (forget the name, I think it is just “Brooklyn Bagels”) that has good bagels and surprisingly, great baguettes too. They are shomer shabbos though, so no bagels on Saturday and no cold cut sandwiches, but I think their bagels put most others in the neighborhood to shame. 

  9. Bagel Boy is alright. Certainly nothing to justify those long-ass lines, that’s for sure, but better than the competition, hopefully this shakes things up. One place I am stunned is still in business is the bagel place on Ocean Ave. between Y and Z. Their bagels are downright disgusting. I do run in there occasionally for other items, milk and such, they are pleasant in there and don’t mind if I run in with my dog, but those bagels are an abomination. 

  10. It’s always good to see more places for a shmear, but I doubt it will be like the heyday of Bagel Nosh – a bagel chain that gave Blimpie and the fast-food chains a run for their money decades ago. Einstein tried years later, adhering even more to the fast-food structure, but were run out of town. I just hope these mom & pops/smaller businesses can make enough profit to last.

  11. you’re kidding me?!?!?! that must be way Jonathan’s Bakery was recently offering discounts on their sandwiches, grills, etc.

  12. I have been stopping by this new pagel shop and I have to say its really good. Their apple turnovers are the best and their costumer service is always on point. Loveing the free coffee with your bagel if you stop by before 11am…Free is always the way to go, try to top that! Congratulations and the very best of luck!

  13. They are the same people who own coney island bagel boys on ave z and coney island ave !!!! They also own other stores on Staten Island….

  14. 2 people told me that its the same owners and staff. they just had to change the name after the health department shut down jonathans bakery.

  15. Some of the same staff, new owners. I asked them yesterday when I stopped there for lunch. Chknmstr is right – it’s the same people who own CI Bagel Boys (and the SI stores). I’m told they’re not yet baking bagels on site, though, which means they’re coming from the CI Ave location. Which is quite all right with me… big fan of those bagels.

  16. you know the original owners of CI Bagels moved to Ave U E28th right?

    Good guys too… wish they didn’t close at 5:30pm though 🙁

  17.  I think its worth noting that the name of the original bagel store on Sheepshead Bay Road, site of Dunkin Donuts now I believe( out of NY for past 4 years) was Bagels R Us before it changed to Bagel Station.  Little nod of history.

  18. I thought so! However, wasn’t it also Bagel Station for a time? The one before Jonathan’s Bakery (nee Dish D’lish) was Bagel Stop. Unless I’ve confused the two…

  19. I have to say that there bagels don’t taste anything like the original Bagels r Us that was located across the street.There Bagels where soo good and one of the best bagels in the city. You may have stolen there name but you don’t compare in any way.

  20. Bagels R Us have the BEST bagels in town! They are like the bagels of years ago, whereby they are nice and crunchy on the outside, not overly doughy and extremely tasty!! Their mulitgrain beats all other bagels! In addition, their cold cuts are so fresh. You must try their bagels!!

  21. I thank all the customers of Jonathan’s Bakery, my great employees and I have moved on to bigger and better things. Thank you for all your support, we enjoyed serving to you. Feel free to reach out to us via Facebook –
    Jonathan Sweets.

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