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Shannon Doherty, William DeMeo Filming “Back In The Day” On Sheepshead Bay Road



Call it a homecoming.

Writer, producer and actor William DeMeo, who got his big acting break in A Bronx Tale (portions of which were filmed in Sheepshead Bay) and named his production West Street after the Gravesend street he grew up on, is back in the neighborhood today, filming scenes for his upcoming feature-length indie flick Back in the Day at Night Light Cafe (1657 Sheepshead Bay Road).

The bar will serve as the scene of an “argument in the neighborhood bar,” and crew on set this morning told us that DeMeo and Shannon Doherty will both be in the area for today’s filming.

We’re told Danny Glover will be in the movie, and even Mike Tyson has a cameo. Consider this a scoop – none of these stars are listed on the IMDB page, which does note that Michael Madsen, Joe D’Onofrio and Paul Borghese will co-star, and Borghese is serving is director.

The film, written by DeMeo, takes place in the 1980s and the current day, following Anthony Rodriguez (DeMeo), a half-Italian, half-Puerto Rican youth growing up in Bensonhurst. After losing his mother and suffering his abusive, alcoholic father, he’s taken under the wing of a local mob boss (Madsen), who supports him as he rises as a boxing talent to eventually become a world champion.

The movie will definitely feature Southern Brooklyn prominently, and future shoots around Sheepshead Bay – as well as Gravesend and Bensonhurst – are likely. For now, mind the traffic: Sheepshead Bay Road is a nightmare to get down.


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  1. Once again the people who live in the area where a film is being made are greatly inconvenienced. Guess it’s more important for the city to make extra $$$$ then to care about the public who live in that area. Hopefully, when Emperor Bloomberg is out of office, the new mayor will have more consideration for the people and not allow this nonsense to continue.

  2. Seriously? A couple of days of inconvenience you make it sound like the End of Days. Don’t you have anything better to do?

  3. Too bad it really wasn’t an Italian Cafe rather than a movie prop. With all the Russian joints, seeing something from my heritage in the neighborhood would certainly be welcome.

  4. If the city doesn’t make extra $$$$, how does it care for the people???? Oh yes, spending money we don’t have, that’s the solution.

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