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Avoid 40 Years In The Desert With This Brooklyn Community Seder Guide

(A traditional Seder courtesy Wikimedia Commons)
(A traditional Seder courtesy Wikimedia Commons)

Brooklyn’s matzoh bakeries are working overtime in preparation for Passover, producing only the finest shmura matzoh, which celebrates the liberation of the Jewish people from bondage under the Egyptian pharaoh.

What makes this Passover different from all the others for the last 800 years? The Conservative movement has decided to lift its ban on kitniyot, the legumes, rice, and corn have that had been banned by Ashkenazi tradition since the Middle Ages.

Nearly one quarter of Brooklyn is Jewish and nearly every denomination and non-denomination can be found here. That breadth means that community Seders of all kinds have been known to rise up around the borough, so here’s our roundup:

The Bensonhurst Bean wishes a good Pesach to you and yours!

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