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Avenue Z’s Puff Caffe Rebrands As Love 69 Bar & Lounge



New signage went up over at 1307 Avenue Z, the former home of Puff Caffe, revealing a rebrand as Love 69 Bar & Lounge.

The change happened within the last few weeks, though we’re told it’s the same owners as Puff, which came under new management about a year ago.

We haven’t been inside, but a Yelp reviewer notes that there’s been a redesign on the interior:

Before Love 69 (a little bizarre for a name of a hookah lounge), the previous Puff cafe underwent multiple. Its fairly similar, but now they have a stage (I’m assuming they will upgrade with live music) and more importantly, a full bar!

Decor now is a rustic, western theme. Same layout and cool decorations. Theme also includes sex; you’ll notice the bathroom door with a woman taped with “69” on her boobs and a poster in the front with about 15 different explicit sex positions. Guess they took “sex sells” a little seriously?

Welcome to the area, Love 69.

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  1. How many Hookah bars do you need on 1 block? Its like the 6+ Sushi spots on Sheepshead bay Road. Ridiculous!

  2. Not to mention that the logo looks oddly like that of a very famous American Motorcycle Company. I give it 3 months tops.

  3. Oh you’re so right — it does bear quite the resemblance to Harley Davidson. The name is bad, and the sign is even worse. Yikes.

    The description of the poster with the sexual positions, as noted by the Yelper — now that’s class. Ugh.

    However, I remember going to a club, back in my college days, Danceteria, that had a room with engravings of sexual positions — the Kama Sutra room, I think …

  4. While it is true that there are MANY hookah places around, their hookah is the best I have ever tried. The secret is in they not only add ice to the water but also freeze the hoses which results in ice cold smoke. It is awesome!

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