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Ave U Station Mural Named One Of Top Public Artworks

Source: MTAPhotos/Flickr

The new tiled mural at the Avenue U train station on the Q line has been named one of the top public artworks in the United States by the 2012 Americans for the Arts Convention held in San Antonio, Texas.

Brooklyn Seeds, created by Jason Middlebrook in 2011, is a large mosaic of flowers that runs along the wall inside the station. It was created using glass mosaic and ceramic tile, and the plants are based on wildflowers that grow in urban areas, through cracks in the sidewalks, in alleys, and along walls.

“He addresses our often ambivalent relationship toward nature in contemporary life, where the beauty of nature can be roped off or overlooked in our highly developed cities,” according to the MTA press release.

The work of art was commissioned by MTA Arts for Transit as part of a rehabilitation project for the Brighton line.

Now if only we can keep those doors from breaking…

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  1. There are more individual artwork murals. They are called “vandalism” or by its street name “Graffita dawg”

  2. As one who sat on the Committee thst reviewed and selected the artwork it’s good to know that our choice was validated.  There were 2 other stations where artwork was selected by the same committee.

  3. Everyone should visit this station to see these wonderful images.  Even more special is that it is in our community.

  4. Community Board 15, Chairperson and District Manager are happy the Community is enjoying the murals. Art for Transit makes a dull trip, interesting everyday. We were the Committee for the District and we are elated at the reception.


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