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Auria’s Malaysian Kitchen Named A 2014 Martha Stewart American Made Nominee


Auria Abraham

Neighbor Auria Abraham (the owner of Auria’s Malaysian Kitchen) is no stranger to the spotlight, having appeared on the wildly popular Food Network’s “Chopped” and, of course, garnering an ever-growing following of devoted fans at the Flatbush Frolic – and, now, we have more good news about Auria!

Auria’s Malaysian Kitchen was just named a nominee in the 2014 Martha Stewart American Made program, which, according to the website, “spotlights the maker, supports the local, and celebrates the handmade” by showcasing “people who have turned their passion for quality craftmanship and well-designed goods into a way of life.”

Auria Abraham sambal

From all the published nominees, 1,000 finalists will be selected to compete for the American Made Awards across the categories of crafts, design, food and style. Of these finalists, 800 will be handpicked by a panel of judges – though you’re also able to land a wild-card spot as a finalist by activating your social network on Facebook and Twitter. From that pool of finalists, 10 award winner will be named – nine by the judges and one by the audience. Winners will receive, among a variety of prizes, $10,000 to grow their business, and an opportunity to be featured in the “Martha Stewart Living” magazine.

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Auria, who has shared some incredible recipes with us, gives some great information about her business on the American Made Awards website, including detailing how it evolved from wanting to share “the brilliant cuisine of Malaysia with all Americans” via a supper club in her basement to vending Malaysian food at festivals across the city.

“In 2013, I decided to jar the iconic Malaysian sambal – a must-have condiment that’s found at most meals, either as a condiment or as an ingredient in a dish!” Auria writes. “You may have experienced other sambals, but believe me when I say, Malaysian sambal stands apart with its gorgeous flavor and spiciness. I registered as a business in April 2013 and made my first batch of sambal a couple of months later. I’m looking forward to launching the second product in the line in a matter of weeks. How exciting!”

Auria goes on to say that she finds inspiration for her amazing eats in her daily life.

From American Made:

Most times, it’s not the big ideas or grand gestures that spark inspiration. For example, I find inspiration in the petite woman who sells ices out of a cart in front of my daughter’s school. I wonder what the rest of her life is like, and what it takes for her to be there every single day without fail, doing what she does. The cuisine of Malaysia inspires me! Seeing people’s reactions when they taste authentic Malaysian food for the first time inspires me! Memories of being in my mother’s kitchen inspire me – what a brilliant woman! My daughter inspires me – fearless and fun!

You can help Auria be named a finalist by sharing her nomination from the awards page (click on the “share this maker with your friend” just beneath the photos).

And, if you haven’t yet tried Auria’s sambal, here’s a list of places where you can buy it.

Photos via Auria’s Malaysian Kitchen and American Made.

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  1. Too bad Market switched from offering unique, local foods to just having beer. They used to sell the sambal there, but now I’m not sure where to get it in the neighborhood! 🙁

  2. Yeah, definitely missing the sambal at Market! I emailed Auria, and she said that Market was the only place in the neighborhood that carried it. Justin, the manager at Market, told Auria that “perhaps after things settle down with all the changes they’ve implemented, they may carry a few food items, with the sambal being one of them.” So, if you want sambal back on the shelves, you should let Market know! In the meantime, here’s where it is available:

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