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Attorney Jumps Into Race Against Kruger

Igor Oberman (photo via Facebook)

State Senator Carl Kruger won’t go unchallenged this election season, as a 37-year-old Russian-American lawyer tosses his hat in the ring for the Democratic primary.

Igor Oberman, a personal injury lawyer and administrative law judge, is mounting an attack on the most well-funded state senator in the legislature. According to City Hall News, Oberman is betting that voters have become frustrated with Albany’s disarray.

“I’m not intimidated, although I’m a first time candidate,” Oberman said. “When my candidacy really rolls out, the defining moment will not come from Carl Kruger’s big bankroll, but on September 14 when the people make a choice.”

Oberman’s family fled to the United States from the Soviet Union in 1981, giving him a deeper tie to the district’s booming Russian-American population. He told the news service that, among his complaints about Kruger, is the senator’s unwillingness to respond to his constituents needs. Among them are the MTA cuts and the neighborhood’s concerns over proposed changes to Asser Levy / Seaside Park.

Kruger, who has so far raised $2.2 million for his campaign, was dismissive towards his newfound rivals attempt to unseat him.

“He wants to run for something and get it out of his system,” Kruger said. “But I’ve never met him and don’t know his view of the world.”

“I don’t know of one organization, one issue, one scintilla of community involvement he can lay claim to,” Kruger said. “I’m Carl Kruger. I’m the state senator.”

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  1. Who is the lessor of the two evils… Kruger… or a Young Russian Advocat… who Chases Ambulances…? Think about it folks… (the Russian Community is one of the reasons your Automobile Insurance has gone up..) Because of ALL of the Fraud… they commit .. the $1000.00 referral fee their “medical centers” pay to get a case.. If you only knew what I knew about the community… no one would of supported Save “Soviet Jewery” way back when…. Sadly I was fooled and was a big supporter.. .. I had to move away from Sheepshead bay/Brighton.. to preserve my sanity…

  2. It might be a case of replacing the devil you know with the one you don't. What is this candidate history of community involvement? I don't believe we should vote for someone just because he isn't Carl Kruger.

  3. I dont care about the politics and dont know this guy but your comment is just dumb. you are basically saying that all russian jews are thieves and are the cause of high insurance. you sound like a silly fucking wacko racist.

  4. Jeez. I smell a flame war a-brewin.

    I'm with local, here. You're painting the community with awfully broad brush strokes. I'm not saying vote for Oberman, but to say let's not vote for him because he's a Russian trial lawyer is pretty awful.

    Oberman has agreed to sit down and talk to me about local issues – so let's hear him out. Anything less and, well, every community has the government it deserves.

  5. I just want a choice. No one's had the balls to run against Kruger for ages. So good for him. More info about him, please?

  6. That's the problem. Are we only interested in “local issues” or should we look for candidates to clean up NYS politics as usual? Pandering to “local” issues while enjoying the Albany $$$$ is how things operate.

  7. I'm not Jewish, I'm not Russian, I'm not even a Democrat. I am a American, Irish, Italian Patriot,Veteran and resident of Sheepshead Bay by choice. We are not getting any better here in the Bay. My family tells stories about discrimination when they first came to Brooklyn. For some in my family English is still not their first language. Let's get together and work to improve this great community so all good people can live in peace.
    How can anyone in our community accept Karl Kruger as our State Senator. Watch the TV, read the newspapers, just Google his name. I don't know Igor Oberman, but thank God we now have a choice. Let's hear what Mr. Oberman has to say…

  8. I agree, let's give Mr. Oberman a fair hearing, and I'd like to see other Democrats run against Kruger. I'm not real pleased with his performance. I am also not interested in purely local issues though we can't ignore them either. I thought City Council is supposed to deal with local issues while State Senators should have the good of NYS as a whole in mind.

  9. thanks for leaving ! You have the chutzpah (or should I say, stupidity) to blame the whole community for the deeds of the rotten few. Would you call all Italians “mobsters”, or would you blame the Jewish community for the Madoff and other financial “wizards” ? Would you call all Albanians crazed mobsters?
    come one, dude – thanks for leaving.

  10. whoa, i know the dude. i dont know how he would be as a politician, but as a person, he's pretty alright.

  11. You, sir, are a BIGGOT. I take offense to your comments. You are painting an entire community with one brush. No wonder you support Kruger.
    And, by the way, you use the word “Advocat”. That means you have Russian roots yourself. Nothing worse than a self-hating traitor.

  12. I just wanted to remind everyone – If you want to vote Kruger out, you first need to register as a Democrat and then vote in the Democratic primary. If you wait until the general election, you're too late. By then, he's home free.
    He's been running unopposed for all these years. Whatever happened to Democracy? Speaking of the Soviet Union … That's why he does whatever he pleases.

  13. Notice how IHR posted and then never replied. He's (or she) is like someone who throws a snowball at you then runs away. Coward.

    I'm not a Democrat. Never was, never will be. Nor do I vote the party line blindly. Kruger has been in office for far too long. I've found him to be a pompous ass who cares not for his constituents but only for his own gains. Look at his statement, “I’m Carl Kruger. I’m the state senator.” Yes, for now.

    Vote the bum out. Give Mr. Oberman a chance. If he can't get things done, vote him out too

  14. Pandering to local issues?? What’s the State Senator for then? Do you honestly believe that Grouper…er… Kruger is going to do anything about “cleaning up NYS Politics as usual”? If you do I have a Bridge I can lease to you for $54 per diem.

  15. It is a stupid blanket statement put upon an entire group IHR. A good portion of Russians who live in this neighborhood seem to want more pricey condos go up. I see more of them coming out of these type of buildings then ever. I see them clogging up the streets with their horrid SUVs. 15 years ago I would have said most of them are rude which they were. They seem to have assimilated just a little more and sometimes communicate in English. If you are going to interact, provide goods and services to a community at large one needs to be able to communicate to all the people in the community not a select few. For some Russians that philosophy has taken hold. For others they still act quite insular and that isn't good for them or the rest of us. They should share their culture more openly and not hide behind a barrier of language.
    I like what this guy Igor has to say so far. We need a Senator who will be actively concerned with the issues that affect all of us such as the MTA and Seaside Park. I'd want to know more about him before making a voting decision. It is a fact that Kruger is a waste of air and needs to go.

  16. Wouldn't it be real peachy if people did that? Vote I mean. I worked the Elections last year and we had a poll worker who told us voting was a waste of his time. He just wanted the money and that's all. If more people voted and not just in national elections the politicians would know this and feel the heat. As it stands now they know a vast majority of citizens don't vote so they feel they can do as they please and cater to those well heeled interests who finance them and ignore the rest of us who do vote. That's Democracy for you.

    You want Change You Can Believe In? Believe in yourself and believe in your vote. Otherwise it's a self fulfilling prophecy of “all politicians are crooked so why should I vote?”.

  17. HOW RIGHT YOU ARE, PayPaul. I have been voting since 1984 and have NEVER missed an election.

    We have two children, both of voting age (18 and 20). Our son, the 20 year old, votes whenever there's an election, but our 18 year old had to be dragged last year. That is, until I told her that voting is not a priviledge, it is an OBLIGATION as a citizen of this country.

  18. Being rude and wanting to spend money on condos and cars has nothing to do with it. there are all types of people that are rude and like to spend money. i speak nearly perfect russian and the very few times that i do go shopping in a russian store do i speak it. i cant remember the last time the person working in the store couldnt help me in english or was rude to me and not one word of russian came out of me. at the same time i dont go to russian stores because its just crazy and i might end up in jail or wanted if i shop in these stores to much. but if you go to avenue u and go into a fish market its the same shit. next time you go into a russian store put on a smile maybe you will get one back. i would like to see this for myself lets get an “american” to walk into a russian store and see how they are treated.

  19. Why ever would you end up in Jail for going into a Russian store? Like I said I find more Russians without an attitude problem then I did about 15 years ago. I like going into the Russian stores but only wish that English translations of the products for sale were displayed. Sometimes the staff does help in a sort of English and I give them credit for making the attempt. The food is good but knowing what it is would be helpful. My best memory was on Thanksgiving where the only store to have the rotiserrie chickens I wanted was the Russian place on Sheepshead Bay. They saved the day and the salad I bought there too was delicious. I had no real idea what it was called but got a notion that it would be good from the description of it given to me by the deli staff.
    I do see a prevalence of Russians driving those big SUVs around. Those vehicles take up a lot of room on the streets and are often the ones that block the box. The rudeness I see a lot of are those Russians who also like to block up an entire sidewalk yakking away at God knows what. They stand in front of some of these Russian bars/restaurants and do it. I don’t think I would be made to feel welcome in one of those places. Partly the reason for that would be that I’d have no idea what to order other than a Balika 9 and a Peroski. Pardon me if I misspelled that last item. I do love those doughy meaty things, especially during the winter months.

  20. When I worked the Election I noticed a lot more new citizens ie: immigrants voting than so called “Americans”. They may understand more the obligation and necessity of voting. The poll worker I mentioned was Russian but I don't think that was too relevant. He claimed not to care much about being Russian and I'd put him into a category as a regular ordinary blowhard.

  21. Thank you for the link.
    I think this guy deserves the benefit of the doubt at least.
    All I know that Karl Kruger or anyone from his office for that matter never responded to any of the inquiries I sent some time ago, pertaining to affordable housing and disappearance of it and how Mitchell Lama developments slowly but surely are being sold into the private slavery by its managements and Boards of Directors.
    Perhaps this guy can really tackle so many issues that plague our communities.

  22. so you do like russians just not the assholes. thats fair neither do i. they are not the only ones driving big cars. its not the fault of the consumer if they build it someone will buy it. you keep saying russians do this and they do that they are doing it here because they live here. go to any other area and its the same thing with different people and its been going on forever. you are acting like you just got to brooklyn and you cant believe that there are rude people here.

  23. C’mon. Those who know about Russian culture would know how some have the attitude of “my misery should be your misery”. Not all of them by a long shot but it is there. For the life of me I can’t figure out what they have to be miserable about. At least not here. Maybe in Russia or the former USSR. I’d be miserable too if I had to endure the long Moscow winters. Hence the carbohydrate rich food which as I said is great in the wintertime. Better energy than Red Bull Piss.

    What really bugs me is that the price of Kiev Bakery cakes has gotten so high. Sheesh!

  24. There was a bakery on Neck Road that would sell their cakes. I love the unique flavor of Russian Chocolate. It’s mild, sweet, a little unusual the first time I tried it and addictive. A medium sized cake would be about 8 dollars. Now I see the same cake for about $20 to $25. Bwaaaah!

  25. You've got the “devil” part right. Carl Kruger's history of community involvement is lining his pockets. He's raised $ 2.2 million for his campaign, mostly from the real estate developers who are ruining our community, and that's only the money he has to report.

    I've met Igor Oberman, and he seems like a great guy and is right on the issues.

    Don't form your opinion about Igor from the Kruger's mailings and quotes. Igor has a website: where you can find information and contribute time and money to the campaign if you're able and inclined to do so.

  26. You've got the “devil” part right. Carl Kruger's history of community involvement is lining his pockets. He's raised $ 2.2 million for his campaign, mostly from the real estate developers who are ruining our community, and that's only the money he has to report.

    I've met Igor Oberman, and he seems like a great guy and is right on the issues.

    Don't form your opinion about Igor from the Kruger's mailings and quotes. Igor has a website: where you can find information and contribute time and money to the campaign if you're able and inclined to do so.

  27. This is a self observant individual, who just wants and seeks power. His attitude toward people is terrible. He portrays himself as Tzar and behaves like coop where he is a president is his personal item. He puts his car behind fence, not where everyone is parked, he distributes candy that has his name and signature and says that he is the president of the coop. He disrespects other board members. This list can continue on and on, just disgusting. It is time for him to stop not only be a president of the coop but a politition. By the way what affordable housing is he talking about. Apartmens in this coop range from $200,000 and higher.

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