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At Mr. Figaro’s, A New Look For An Old Barber


The relaunched Mr. Figaro Unisex Hairstyling (1919 Avenue Z) opened on Sunday, with a flashy look and a slew of new services.

One thing noticeably absent? Mr. Figaro, a.k.a. Jerry May.

Well, that’s not exactly true. The old dog will still be around the shop, charming clients and talking about the good ol’ days, when he was a media darling known for belting out songs by old school performers. Figaro suffered a minor stroke shortly after the store’s ceiling caved in, and is not yet giving haircuts himself.

But he’s got a handful of help from several new barbers eager to lower the ears of Sheepshead Bay residents.

Following an overhaul that Sheepshead Bites previously mourned for watering down the store’s character, the shop is flashing a lot of new glitz, which Figaro’s son said is an evolution of the store’s place in a neighborhood very different than when it opened in 1977.

“It’s a 2010, hi-tech barber shop,” said Albert Mammon, Figaro’s son who dreamed up the renovation. Mammon decided it was time to up the ante and modernize the store to attract new clients. “I had to go with the new times. We’re going with the neighborhood changes, with the new sentiments.”

The store now boasts wi-fi connections and flatscreen televisions above each of the four cutting stations, as well as one large one for those waiting in line. At a client’s request, all the old video clips from newscasts that Mr. Figaro appeared in can be displayed (see video below), as well as digitalized versions of all the old photos of performers like Al Jolson and Frank Sinatra. They also keep photo albums packed with mementos of the storefront through the years, including their old newspaper clippings.

In addition to the new tvs, the store has a light projector that displays the emblem on the sidewalk outside, marble counters, hanging light fixtures, couches and computers. They’re also offering manicures and pedicures for both women and men.

“It’s filled with the same character and with the same ideas,” Mammon said. “We just went digital.”

Here’s a video of just some of Mr. Figaro’s media appearances:

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  1. Too bad the full steel security gate was not removed entirely or replaced with a 100% see-through gate. I think I noticed a small graffiti tag on the gate as well. When I exit from the side door of St. Mark’s church after Sunday mass, I do not like staring at this gritty corner with the gates. The recently renovated commercial stip on the NE corner looks 1000% better with the see-through gates. Ginger Rose on SHeepshead Bay Road looks 1000% better without gates. Banks have no gates. The full steel security gates have to go. THey send the wrong message. THis is NOT 1977.

  2. Looks good to me. Hopefully the quality of the cut is still good. Maybe they need to hire a street performer to keep up with the times too. He could be in a corner break dancing to hip hop. ūüėČ I’m just messing, I really like the new layout. They’ve been there for epically long. I’m glad they didn’t blow up their charges just because they renovated though. Hope they keep on existing. Good luck guys.

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