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At First Bite: Nine Chains

nine chains

As promised, Nine Chains (1111 Church Avenue between Stratford and Westminster Roads), the new bakery from The Farm on Adderley, opened its doors to hungry Ditmas Parkers this morning. We stopped in to see how things had shaped up since our first visit, and to try some goodies for ourselves.

nine chains bread

The window was stocked with fresh loaves of bread, which we had to resist taking home for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The Farm’s Tom Kearney was on hand and said the first morning was going well, and the three women behind the counter were lovely and helpful.

nine chains pastries

Single serving pastries available today included chocolate mint grasshopper cookies, crimped toasty sandwiches, focaccia sticks with carmelized onions and olives, stuffed buns, Shiitake bread pudding, and more.

nine chains pastries

Church Avenue-based fans of The Farm’s chocolate brioche toast with sea salt butter will also be happy to hear that it’s made its way to Nine Chains.

We chose one of the focaccia sticks with olives ($1.50), as well as a brownie with dried fruit on top ($1.25; not pictured), to try today…

nine chains coffee

… and some coffee ($1.75 for a 12 oz cup), because it’s Monday morning.

nine chains menu

Here’s a look at the full menu besides pastries. Oh, did you want to see the brownie and focaccia stick up close?

nine chains brownie

The brownie was ooey-gooey amazing and the fruit added an enjoyably sticky element up top. Truth be told, this was our breakfast.

nine chains pastry

We also tried a bite of the foccacia stick too, though, just so we could assure you that it was as satisfyingly savory as we imagined.

nine chains

If you’re planning to stop into Nine Chains soon, you don’t have to rush home to enjoy your food like we did–they’ve got a bar with seating for four, plus a bench outside for beautiful days like today.

Stop in and see them from 7:30am-5:30pm Monday through Friday or 9:30am-5:30pm over the weekend, enjoy something for yourself, and welcome the crew to Church Avenue.

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  1. Shame about the early closing time, no chance of popping in on the way home after work. A weekend treat, then…

  2. We had the chocolate chip banana muffin this morning on the way to school / work and it was awesome! So many great looking things to eat!

  3. we just got back. we ate there to watch the scene. the place is small but the line was to the door the whole time. Everything was good, the pork buns especially so. And they had four people out front for fast service!

  4. Went by! Bought scrumptious focaccia , chocolate bread toast, banana chip muffin & mint choc cookies that MELT in the mouth! Welcome to nabe, Nine Chains !!

  5. Incredibly, I passed over the baked treats for the beet soup with potatoes…it was filling and delicious!

  6. We got the chocolate banana muffins, focaccia and pork buns – all were great! The folks who work there are very nice too – I have been a few times and they have been very pleasant each time. This last time the baker even threw in the brownie that my son was looking longingly at (after asking if it was ok). Feels like a local bakery – duh I know, but you get my point.

  7. Had a cookie and bought a loaf of bread. Both were excellent. $6.50 for a loaf of fresh bread is somewhat impractical, though, for, say, planning my weekly sandwich-for-lunch menu, but I’ll definitely return for treats and special occasions.

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