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At First Bite: Gyro Hut


Falafel sandwich at Gyro Hut
If you live at the southwest end of the neighborhood, you might already be well acquainted with the Gyro King (1017 Foster Avenue between Coney Island Avenue and E 8th Street, and 26 Newkirk Plaza). Now some of the staff from the Foster Ave restaurant have moved just across CIA to a rival establishment–Gyro Hut.

gyro hut
The newly-opened Gyro Hut is perhaps 75 seconds from the King if you catch the lights right on Coney and Foster, and if you don’t get caught up in a screaming match with any CIA drivers making illegal U-turns. Its address is 1043 Coney Island Avenue, but it’s really more like the corner of Foster Avenue and tiny side street Corbin Court.

gyro hut
Like most gyro joints we’ve tried, you can expect an enormous amount of food for a very reasonable price. Our falafel sandwich was $4, and our lamb and salad over rice–which turned out to be two days’ worth of lunches–was $6.

Lamb & Rice at Gyro Hut
Is it fancy? No–were you expecting it to be? But the service, as it was with the same staff when they were at Gyro King, is quick and above all so friendly, and the food is super satisfying.

In addition to the platters, salads, pita sandwiches, and even “hoagies”!–Gyro Hut also has wings, fries, cheeseburgers, and more for the very occasional late night pig out. Just how late? Gyro Hut plans to stay open from 10am-4am daily.

gyro hut menu

gyro hut menu
For those not so into 2am chicken tenders or fried fish sandwiches, you might be pleased to learn Gyro Hut will soon have their fresh fruit smoothie bar up and running, too.

Stop into Gyro Hut during opening hours (10am-4am), or call them at 917-966-2625 to place an order for pickup.

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  1. They have the advantage of a bus stop out front, so cabbies can pull over there, rather than double-park like they do at Gyro King. And I like that while neighborhoods in Manhattan have Starbucks located on every corner, we have multiple Halal restaurants on every block.

  2. Whichever one stops using styrofoam containers first will have my business for life. Otherwise it is just SSDD.

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