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Students Honor Memory Of Holocaust During Annual Contest


Assemblyman Steven Cymbrowitz lights a yahrzeit memorial candle in memory of the six million Jews who perished during the Holocaust.

A ceremony to honor the winners of Assemblyman Steven Cymbrowitz’s Holocaust Essay, Poetry, Performance and Art Contest was held last Sunday at Kingsborough Community College.

The annual contest had about 600 submissions this year.

In his opening speech Assemblyman Cymbrowitz stated:

As the Book of Genesis tells us, there was darkness and there was light. There was night and there was day. For the children of the Holocaust, the horrors were unspeakable but the human spirit somehow remained alive. They never lost the glimmer of hope that – someday – kindness and decency would once again prevail,

The event was held in the college’s Marine Academic Center and displayed art work and essays the students submitted.

One of the exhibits, “A Suitcase Full of Sorrow and Hope,” had P.S 199 students standing in front of it and reading poems,  according to a press release

“The centerpiece of the display was the actual suitcase brought to America from Poland by Jania and Stanaslaw Zakieta after they lost their entire family to the Nazis. The Daleo family, descendants of the Zakietas, was in the audience.”

A meaningful candle-lighting ceremony was held as a tribute for the six million Jewish people who died during the Holocaust. The ceremony was conducted by the president of the Manhattan Beach Jewish Center, Rubin Margules.

The event featured performances from Edward R. Murrow High School’s Madrigal Chorus, Chamber Orchestra and Chamber Winds. One of the pieces performed was composed by Cecelia Margules, a Manhattan Beach resident.

A holocaust survivor, Luba Abramovich, also spoke at the event.

The three first-place schools each received a computer and $200 in prize money. Second- and third-place winners received $100 and $50.

Photos by Erica Sherman.

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  1. Let’s force little jew kids to make art about an event that they never experienced, and then tell them it was the most tragic event throughout history EVER.

    A few centuries from now the holocaust will be looked at the way we look at Genghis khan’s exploits today. Stop brainwashing little kids.

  2. I remember a jew principal assistant forcing kids into an auditorium to watch mindless Israeli propoganda when I was in JHS. She was later indited for stealing money from the same kids graduation ceremony fund. Dont pay much attention to these aligator tears.

  3. the nortern europeans think jews have a very strange face, especially the nose is very bad-looking, kind of scythe-like they say, . They call it ” Ful nasa”. the word “ful” is pronounced like the english word “fuel”. i kind of feel sorry for them, but maybe its the testosterone.. i´ve heard it increases the tissues inside the nose, especially bone mass..

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