As July 4 Approaches, In Search Of The Perfect Barbecue


meat smiley face on a grill bbq

Somehow, we’re already coming up on the Fourth of July weekend – a time that seems to pull many of us from the hectic corners of our lives to the glow of the grill emanating from backyards and porches.

There, we stand with friends and family and, in that age-old tradition, bask in the glow of the fire consuming the items carefully culled from butchers, supermarkets, and elsewhere.

As we embrace the summer in all its humid glory, we want to know where you go to get that perfect hamburger meat, veggie burger, shashlik, sausage, asparagus – need we go on?

Once you finish foraging for the perfect Fourth fare, remember to employ responsible barbecue and picnic etiquette – particularly not dumping charcoal on the ground. If you are using coal, remember to deposit them in hot coal bins or extinguish the coals with water and wrap them in foil. Then, put the wrapped coals in a dumpster, or leave them in a trash can.

And, remember there are designated places to put flame to food in Prospect Park.

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  1. I recommend the new butcher shop, the Atlas Meat Market, for your barbecue meats. His hamburgers are amazing and he sells, marinates and trims meats at very reasonable prices! In fact I know of people who have switched to him from buying at Whole Foods!

  2. To chime in on Atlas: I went there last weekend (after seeing the ad on this here site) because the er, not totally clean Ukrainian place on Avenue J where I used to buy kebab meat shut down.

    The guy at Atlas sold me some really excellent marinated beef “shashlik,” and quite cheap My wife is a shashlik snob and it was the best we had had in a long time. He was also pleased (surprised?) that I’d seen his ad and threw in some nice metal skewers 🙂

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