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Artisanal Candy Shop Coming to Fourth Avenue; “Cultish” Gelato Import Coming to Fifth



A local confectioner is setting up shop at 315 Fourth Avenue, in what used to be half of Two Moon Art House & Cafe. Construction is currently in process, with shelves and cubbies lining the walls of the cozy space, and a source at the site says the store will sell handcrafted chocolates and candies with organic and vegan options. He estimates it should be open in about a month.

And in other news that is sure to please the sweet-toothed, Grub Street announced today that a branch of the “cultish” gelato shop L’Albero Dei Gelati, currently located in both Seregno and Cogliate, has chosen Park Slope for its move to the states:

The shop, which even operates solar-powered ice-cream carts in Italy, adheres to Slow Food tenets and won’t, for example, serve strawberry gelato when persimmons are in season. Back home, Trezza has won all sorts of awards for flavors like Stracchino cheese and dates and sourdough that may seem outlandish, but invariaby point to classic, regional flavor combinations. On the traditionalist, sweet side, there are flavors like ricotta with Calabrian bergamot, fior de latte with edible flowers, pumpkin and amaretto, and marscapone and chocolate chips. Most base ingredients are organic, and many are raw.

Other “funky” flavors include celery and cardamom, smoked salmon, and salty cabbage with apple vinegar and mustard, which is enough to make me feel really silly for just wanting some sort of mint and chocolate chip combination. (The heart [stomach] wants what it wants!) And it isn’t just gelato; the chefs also turn these fresh ingredients into ice cream, pastries, and ices.

Sources from Reed Gourmet, where the story originally broke, says the shop is slated for 341 Fifth Avenue (site of former El Sitio Borinquen) by early May.

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