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Area Med Suppliers Nabbed In $3M Health Care Scam

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Seventeen men were indicted and a dozen medical supply companies were raided last week for their alleged involvement in a health care scam that netted more than $3 million for the conspirators. Most of those involved hailed from the Sheepshead Bay, Gravesend and Midwood neighborhoods.

According to, federal authorities say the defendants submitted false invoices to insurances companies for medical equipment with “payments that were well in excess of the price they initially paid through their individual retail medical supply companies.” Paybacks were given in checks issues to the wholesale companies, and the checks were cashed at check-cashing stores and delivered to the defendants.

Each of the 17 defendants could face up to 20 years in prison.

“The type of health care fraud and money laundering scheme these individuals allegedly constructed and engaged in affects all Americans and directly impacts America’s health care system,” said James T. Hayes Jr., special agent in charge of Immigration and Customs Enforcement Homeland Security Investigations, which conducted the investigation with the United States Attorney’s Office Eastern District of New York, the FBI and the Internal Revenue Service.

Those involved include Grigory Branfenbrener, 57, of Port Washington, L.I.; Gennadiy Bronshteyn, 51, of Brooklyn; Vladimir Khmelnitski, 45, of Brooklyn; Iliya Mugerman, 46; Bela Rud, 38, of Brooklyn; Viktor Semerik, 44, of Brooklyn; Arkadi Shapiro, 59, of Brooklyn; Igor Shturman, 48, of Brooklyn; Mariya Gomelskaya, 27, of Brooklyn; Igor Ladanov, 28, of Brooklyn, and Artem Yuryev, 31, of Brooklyn; Aleksandr Afanasyev, 44, of Staten Island; Eduard Bodrunov, 49, of Statein Island; Igor Vetukh, 50, of Brooklyn; and Denis Zagladko, 29, of Brooklyn. An internet search shows that many of the defendants are residents of Sheepshead Bay and the surrounding area.

The medical supply companies raided included Kristar Inc. on Eighth Street, Promed Supply Co. Inc. on Coney Island Avenue, Dorsi Medical Supply Inc. on Avenue T and DB Supply Inc./Avgur on W. Seventh Street.

Eastern District Assistant U.S. Attorneys Daniel Brownell and Evan Weitz are prosecuting the case in Brooklyn federal court.

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  1. 20 years in prison is not enough punishment for these bums! Maybe they can serve their time in the gulags back home so we taxpayers don't have to pay for them!

    Good riddance! Sheepshead Bay will be a better place without you!

    Great work FBI, U.S.Attorneys, IRS and Customs.

  2. With the number of people involved in the scam, it is quite possible that the costs of the investigation and prosecution could exceed the 3 million that was gained illicitly. Hopefully, cost recovery efforts will ensure minimal costs for consumers. If not, the financial penalties need to be increased dramatically.

  3. Well, they're actually saying something that has to do with the topic. It looks as if they actually read it. So I wont begrudge them a link in their name. The post would be less tacky and obvious if they didn't post AS the name of the company.
    Though, if they come back and actually contribute to the discussion it can be forgiven.

  4. I used to work for a plaintiff's no fault law firm here in sheepshead bay a few years ago as a paralegal. The company represented medical suppliers much like the kind listed in this article. I know first hand the scum that the people who run these operations are and embody. They are an absolute embarrassment and a stain to the russian community here in the neighborhood and elsewhere. This is just the tip of the iceberg because incorporated businesses like this are a dime a dozen, and in the end the honest hard working person pays the increased insurance premiums when the insurance companies try to offset their losses due to fraud. These people deserve to burn in hell and I sincerely believe they will.

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