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Are Wheelers’ Wings The Best?

How can I talk about wings without a yummy picture to look at? (Photo courtesy of disneymike via Flickr)

Well, as far as Brooklyn goes, the answer is “No.”

Wheelers (1707 Sheepshead Bay Road) lost last weekend’s “Throw Your Wing Into The Ring” Chicken Wing Competition at Red Star Bar in Greenpoint. But then, that’s not so disappointing – our boys were competing against a bunch of North Brooklyn sheisters who think living in abandoned factories with polluted groundwater is cool. The competition had the hometown advantage, and our brave warriors were no doubt mired in an atmosphere of douchebaggery.

Super Wings in Crown Heights was the choice of the three judges, while Sugarcane in Park Slope was the people’s choice for best wings.

We couldn’t reach Wheelers’ managers for a comment, but we’re hoping they plan to compete in next year’s competition as Red Star Bar has announced it’ll be annual. So look forward to some tweaking to the recipe, and hopefully a future title.

But back to the question in the headline: are Wheelers’ wings the best… in Sheepshead Bay? I’ve never had wings at any of the places in the neighborhood, so I can’t judge. But surely Wheelers need not be our only competitor. What about Roll-N-Roaster? Or Chicken Masters? Perhaps we can also get a place like Sweika to compete and concoct a version of Buffalo wings with an Eastern European twist.

If we can convince more businesses to take part in next year’s wing competition, who do you think should join in?

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  1. I hope Wheelers and the other local restaurants take advantage of Sheepshead Bay's existing food contest – Grillin' On The Bay and the Brooklyn Chili Smackdown on March 27! It would great to crown a local this year.

  2. Like I said in my last post… I had wings at Wheelers a few months ago – they were Tyson deep fried junk with no hot sauce on them. I was told their wings were excellent – so maybe they have different chefs or something. But these wings were trash. They can't compete with places like the Kettle Black in Bay Ridge.

  3. No disrespect intended – but you sure you were in Wheeler's? I've had their wings numerous times over many years and never did I associate them with Tyson's or even Sysco's wings (Sysco is a large wholesale food provider to the restaurant industry)

    Now I'm not saying that they don't buy raw wings from Sysco (I have no knowledge if the do or don't) but the wings Wheeler's serves are definitely concocted in-house.

  4. I'll have to go back.. something must have been up on that day. Because everyone raves about their wings.. these were definitely packaged goods. I'll give it another chance.

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