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Are We Going To Have To Say Goodbye To John’s Bakery?


John's bakery

Updated August 27: After a neighbor alerted us on Monday that he saw “a group of dudes standing outside John’s with auction signs,” we went to check it out Tuesday night – and, on one of the signs that had originally stated the bakery was going on vacation until August 31, it was scrawled in pen that the longtime business is “closed for good” because John’s lost its lease.

The sign is less than official looking, and we’ve reached out to John Ficarra – whose family has owned the bakery (located at 1322 Cortelyou Road) for more than 50 years – about this. As soon as he let’s us know what’s up, we’ll be sure to relay the information.

We did a search of public property records, and, according to the city, the building is still owned by the Ficarra family. But, it does look as though the 1,000 square foot space is for rent (for $7,000 a month), according to this listing – which was updated 28 days ago.

John's Bakery

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  1. I’ve been in dollar stores all around this fair city, and believe me, Cortelyou Rd. has two of the nicest, friendliest dollar stores you could ever hope for.

  2. That was my initial thought, but do they always put kraft paper over the door when they go on vacation?

  3. My husband found the info above regarding the public auction of all the equipment on the premises. Curiouser and curiouser.

  4. Is Ditmas Park Corner now a gossip column? Perhaps John isn’t responding to phone calls because he’s on vacation?! That’s what the big sign says on the door, despite the little pen-and-ink notation on the smaller piece of paper. Maybe they are leaving, who knows, but why report on a rumor?

  5. This would be the worst loss to Cortelyou in 50 years! John’s is the best, I prefer their bagels, challah, and everything else to everything in the neighborhood! 🙁 I really hope this is not true, but how does a business go from a vacation to loosing their lease they’ve had for 50+ years??? There need to be more regulations regarding lease renewal terms for long-term tenants in this city

  6. Too bad the Dollar Stores on Cortelyou are small and have a very limited selection compared to the kind in other neighborhoods, or even over on Flatbush

  7. Agreed. That is pricing itself well above this areas commercial worth. We might have a bit of a drought of new commercial growth if this keeps going. Church Ave might become a better destination for new business.

  8. It is. I made that comment before the 8/27 update. I don’t think you can “lose” a lease when your family owns it.
    Apparently the Ficcara’s realized the bakery wasn’t bringing in enough – and they could make more money by renting out the space WITHOUT having to “work” (ie. run a bakery).
    I call it a financially sound smart business decision. Don’t you?

  9. If only it were a better old-timey bakery I would be even sadder, but as it is, I’d still hate to see a longtime fixture like John’s go…lots of people obviously love their stuff, and it’ll be replaced by something either generic and awful (hey, how about another Dunkin so we don’t have to walk 3 blocks to one?) or something I can’t afford (macarons, anyone?)

  10. I am getting concerned about the state of Cortelyou road. All my favorite places are closing. I was always glad that we had a good bakery in the neighborhood and now….what is going to replace it? A lot of businesses are closing but not a lot of new ones are opening. What is happening on our street!?!

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