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Are There Too Many Movie Shoots In Park Slope?


Learning to Drive film shoot on Park Place
The movie and TV industry is booming in New York City, which is something we see on local streets fairly regularly — from Anchorman 2 to The Americans to Orange Is the New Black to brand new pilots, we’re no strangers to the neon ‘no parking’ signs, the trucks that always seem to keep running, the catering tents, and the production crews with walkie-talkies asking us to cross the street while they film.

And if it feels like there are more productions now than before, you’re not wrong. A report in the Post says that filming in NYC increased by 15% between December 2012 and March 2014.

Some neighborhoods are sick of it, though. Last year, Brooklyn Heights managed to get the city to scale back how many film shoots were allowed there, and others may follow suit. Officials told the Post that they are always looking at the scale and frequency of productions, and “will temporarily restrict filming in certain areas that have been significantly impacted.”

With hefty tax incentives — an estimated $420 million in rebates annually — crews have been drawn here from other, pricier towns, like Los Angeles. And though they’re getting a big tax break, the state is seeing some impact — the LA Times reports that NYC saw an estimated $2.1 billion in spending in 2013, up from $600,000 in spending 10 years earlier, and we added 10,675 entertainment sector jobs between 2004 and 2012.

So how have you seen it impact the neighborhood?

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  1. Far, far too many shoots in the neighborhood. And, I don’t even have a car parked on the street.
    I’m tired of arrogant PAs telling me I can’t walk down my own block. I’m tired of craft and food trucks blocking up the road. If they provided employment to local kids and adult workers, I might be more sympathetic, but most of the crews come in from Jersey and farther afield.

  2. The poll choices are a bit ridiculous if not outright biased against film shoots. You can select you don’t mind them OR you can say you’re all for them only because they’ve used your home for a shoot?

  3. Wait, Brian! Mary and I actually had a conversation about this yesterday and tried to use very deliberate language to convey all the reasons someone might love having shoots in the neighborhood, so I’m surprised that it didn’t come across that way. What about “I work on productions” or “I think they’re really exciting”?

  4. 🙂 You’re sweet. I just think one more option allowing for you like them in addition to they’ve filmed in your house would be nice.

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