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Are Bandits Taking Advantage Of All The Abandoned Cars Post-Sandy?

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Has anyone else noticed a spate of stripped cars in the neighborhood? Apparently peeling an abandoned or junked car of all its undamaged parts is the latest rage in Sheepshead Bay.

It seems that the mother of all misery, Superstorm Sandy, is likely to blame for the trend as apparently all the cars getting stripped are all the abandoned non-functioning ones short circuited by flood waters. Its hard to blame these “street strippers” as many of the Hurricane Sandy cars still haven’t been pushed off the streets.

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  1. we noticed stripped cars too… its been a Month since sandy drowned these vehicles. wonder why they still havent been towed away? Saw a lot of tow trucks in the bay on sunday though

  2. so many cars have yet to be picked up, including mine, but the towing companies are very backed up due to the amount of vehicles. And they have no clue when pickup will be. I did see a few cars were takenaway in the past few days tho.

  3. The tow truck are all over Sheepshead Bay today.
    I highly doubt the owners would care to strip a car that will be replaced. Why would an honest hardworking person take such a risk.
    I still feel it would be easier and less of a risk for emergency vehicles if only damaged cars were given grace on alternate days.
    Free for all is BS.
    Thanks for taking an interest Willie.

  4. i saw a few people stripping cars. in walbaums parking lot…
    one friend, his adjuster told him. take what you can, your getting the exact car as a replacement so take the spare parts…

    he took the doors/back hatch and windsheild…

    the insurance companies are writing them off. so they take the wrecked cars. have them junked/striped/scrapped and make money back from it…

    its not like any of the electronics work…

  5. You bet your you-know-what that vandals are stripping flood ravaged cars. Someone on my block who bought a brand new Range Rover Evoque just before Sandy had all four wheels/tires taken off the car. The car was left on rocks just like the Lexus shown at the top of this story. This doesn’t bode well for all car owners as there’s nothing preventing thieves from stripping cars that have not been damaged by the storm. All in all, it’s easy pickins to say the least.

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