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Apply for a $25,000 Grant to Help a Community Cause


state farm neighborhood assist via fb

Know of a Park Slope cause that could use $25,000? State Farm Neighborhood Assist is a crowd-sourced philanthropic initiative that invites communities to determine where grant funding is awarded, using a Facebook app. Anyone can download the app and submit up to three causes (though they’re only accepting 3,000 submissions, so if you’ve got an idea, do it quick).

The cause must fit into the categories of safety, community development, or education. Each cause will be matched with a non-profit organization that will “run the program.” The submission phase is open through March 6.

After the submission stage ends, the State Farm Youth Advisory Board, a group of college and high school students from across the country, will narrow down the submissions to the top 200 finalists. Here’s what the YAB board will be looking for:

1. How much does the cause focus on an unmet need in the community?

2. How would the $25,000 be used to address the unmet need?

3. How will the project make a lasting impact on the community?

4. How will the project define and measure success?

Once the top 200 causes are identified, they will appear on the Facebook application to be voted on by the community. Voting will take place from April 4-22, and each Facebook user gets 10 votes every day. Winners will be announced on April 29.

So what are your ideas? And if you apply and are chosen, let us know so we can let the neighborhood know about the public voting!

Photo via State Farm Neighborhood Assist

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