South Slope

Anyone Lose A Chicken?


Example Chicken, via City Chicken MeetupDid your feathered friend fly the coop? A woman named Helen found a chicken nearby yesterday, and she’s hoping that the owner, or someone who has the space to take the clucker in, can help. She posted to the Just Food City Chicken Meetup board:

We rescued a chicken wandering around prospect park in Windsor Terrace area- 10th Avenue and Prospect Park Southwest. Did anyone lose a chicken? Can anyone take a chicken? I don’t have enough space to take her in permanently.

The photo she posted, also seen here, is an example of the chicken’s breed, Helen says, but not the actual chicken. If you can help, contact her through the messageboard (login required).

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  1. someone right on that block (PPSW between 10th and 11th aves) has chickens. you can knock on their door, i’m pretty sure it is the building with the metal shop on bottom and apt on top. sorry i don’t have more contact / info than that, i know of them but don’t know them personally.

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