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Anti-Muslim Graffiti Sprayed Near Ave Z, Haring St


Look at what some hate-filled clown did. A reader sent this photo in this morning. It happened on Avenue Z and Haring Street, an area where many of the community’s Muslim residents live.

We’re waiting to hear if this was reported to police, and if it’s being investigated as a hate crime.

Update (10:45 a.m.): Reader Vadym S. confirms that police are investigating. We’re still waiting to hear from NYPD whether or not it’s being referred to the Hate Crimes Unit.

Update (12:45 p.m.): Public Advocate Bill de Blasio has weighed in, with a statement condemning the vandalism.

This revolting act of prejudice was meant to intimidate New Yorkers on their streets and in their homes – but because of our unity and our strength, it’s not going to work. We won’t stand for anti-Muslim bigotry – not in Sheepshead Bay, not in Brooklyn, not anywhere in our city. Anyone with information on these perpetrators should come forward right away by calling 1-800-577-TIPS.

Update (2:28 p.m.): District Leader Ari Kagan, a candidate for City Council, also weighed in:

I was deeply saddened and troubled to learn of yesterday’s hate crime, targeting Muslims, in Sheepshead Bay. Southern Brooklyn is a vibrant, diverse community, home to families from all across the world. There is absolutely no place for such hateful behavior in our communities. We must stand with our District Attorney to ensure these perpetrators are brought to justice. Our neighbors will, of course, assist the NYPD with their investigation. I encourage any one with information on this crime to step forward.

Kagan, it’s worth noting, is against the Voorhies Avenue mosque, protests over which some say has made this kind of anti-Muslim sentiment publicly acceptable.

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  1. that is because the jewish organization is the most verbal and gets offended about anything that comes their way

  2. I am not an expert on this but it is probably considered a hate crime if you write something like this on somebody’s property, if you do on on a public sidewalk it’s probably just vandalism.

  3. exactly hate crimes only relate to people and their personal possessions that are defaced with specific meanings. public property does not as its not living or belongs to any one person

  4. what do jews have to do with this anyway?….always a reason to hate on the jews…..a company owned by a jew probably made that spraypaint….lets blame the jews for giving the ammo to someone for doing this

  5. This is a couple of blocks away from me (as you know). It is disgusting. This end of the neighborhood — between Nostrand and Z and stretching over to Voorhies by Knapp and Coyle — has grown increasingly Muslim over the past decade, but as far as I know they have been mostly pleasant neighbors. There is never any reason to spray paint this kind of rhetoric except to put fear in the hearts of the people who live there and to make them feel unwelcome.

    To the anonymous wisenheimer who thinks Jews are “offended about anything that comes their way,” the truth is that Jews, and any civilized person who respects humanity, get offended when crap like this, against any ethnic or religious group, shows up in their neighborhoods. Since you cannot spell your own username, I doubt you would ever have heard of “First They Came For The Socialists” by Martin Niemoller. We speak out and get offended for a very good reason, and it is not only when swastikas show up.

  6. Disgusting that this happened on my block and hope it’s cleaned up quickly. No one should have to go through racial persecution for absolutely no reason other than a bunch of ignorant children who think they know what they’re doing.

  7. Good point! Yet, it’s so sad and typical of the ignorance out there, that people would think that only Jews, would or should be offended by the sight of a swastika! The swatstika representing Nazism is offensive to Christians and Muslims, and all freedom and justice loving peoples, who fell under its’ yoke!!!

  8. Good point! Additionally, many of the Muslims in our area are Egyptians, and especially Turks. They don’t come any nicer!!!

  9. Question: why, when there is a murder in the neighborhood, are there far fewer indignant posts?

  10. This is america. A melting pot of different races, colors and religions. If u can’t accept differences than ur in the wrong country. I live very close to where this happened. The people are very nice and no one deserves to go through this.

  11. By spending a few hundred thousand and catching some dumb 18 year old who couldn’t point out the Middle East on a map. Probably the same kid who did the Holocaust Park vandalism.

  12. How disgusting! I live right near there and I am so ashamed that this happened!
    These people are my neighbors and some have been in the neighborhood for years and are very good people.
    This is a hate crime and needs to be handled quickly and the punishment swift.

  13. That particular color is vert distinct. It has been used around the neighborhood. Follow the path!

  14. This is the hate crime, and by the way it is not the first against Muslims (meaning NYPD has to do their job to find the old and the new hate crimes against Muslim Americans in S.B ….. since the mosque is up and near finish, I believe it is time to live friendly and love all….

  15. First things first—let’s make sure that this isn’t a false flag operation. Last year, there was anti-Jewish vandalism in the Ocean Parkway area (that is, closer to 18 Avenue), but it turned out to be insurance fraud. When I see an arrest made, I’ll comment then; I can’t rule out a Muslim doing this.

  16. The Muslims might deserve all the hating right now on the fact that they go to our school live off our society and them bomb us to maybe this individuals reaction is somewhat justified. If you don’t want to be hated don’t kill people

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