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Another Dolphin Washes Up Dead On Coney Island Shores

Bottlenose Dolphin
Source: Chicago Zoological Society

It is always kind of sad, and gross, when the ocean dumps its dead creatures on the shore, especially when the animal was a once happy dolphin. Well, we are sad to report that a dolphin has again washed up on the shores of Coney Island, according to a report in the Gothamist.

This is the second dead dolphin seen since late last February and this one turned up in a tributary of Gravesend Bay. It was discovered yesterday around 3:15 p.m.

While the cause of death is not yet known, Robert DiGiovanni, the executive director and senior biologist of the Riverhead Foundation, and his team are transporting the deceased marine life mammal back to their labs for further study. According to DiGiovanni, the dolphin in question is somewhat decomposed, making it more difficult to determine a cause of death.

DiGiovanni has noted that there are more dead dolphins washing up on the shores of New York more than ever.

“Are we seeing more because more are sick, or more because there are simply more in the area?” the Gothamist reported DiGiovanni asking. “These are really good questions.”

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  1. Its always sad and gross that we human as the elite species dump our garbage in the ocean, which is probably the reason the ocean is dumping back its garbage. its our responsablity to take care of this world we live in and we have failed but critizied nature for giving back what we dumped on it. Poor choice of words for a opening paragraph of this article.

  2. Sad and gross? This an unknown death that occurred.You don’t see people being disgusted when they find a dead body. Anyways, I really hope there is an answer to the deaths of dolphins and sea creatures washed ashore.

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