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Another Car Wheel-Jacked

Submitted by an anonymous reader

Hey there, hot stuff. Where you goin’ without your wheels? That’s right, nowhere.

This was spotted on Falmouth Street and Hampton Avenue  in Manhattan Beach last week. It’s a Nissan Maxima – just one of the cars on the list of automobiles being targeted for wheel and rim theft.

Other cars on that list include Infiniti, Cadillac Escalade, Lexus, Honda Accord, and Honda Civic. If you have a garage, use it!

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  1. hmm – didn't Sheepshead Bites report a white Nissan was spotted parked next to a Honda and when it left the Honda's wheels were missing? Is this some sort of Karma?

  2. I once had a window smashed and my navigation stolen, it was a while ago, but a month ago, the same happened to my neighbor; in his case it was the air-bags that were taken out.

    Never heard of anyone being caught by cops.

  3. One would think that in Manhattan Beach it would have been noticed, it's much quieter there and I would assume that one couldn't do this without making some sort of noise. Of course, there are also less people walking around so perhaps it could be done in daylight. Perhaps people wouldn't be as likely to be curious during the day.

  4. you mention that this happened last week i was there yesterday going for a walk with the fam and it is still there with no wheels.

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