Southern Brooklyn

Alternate Side Parking Suspensions Expand In Brooklyn

The updated map showing where in Brooklyn and Queens Alternate Side Parking is suspended indefinitely.

Yesterday we reported that, though the city was reinstating Alternate Side Parking rules, it remains indefinitely suspended in communities hit hard by Hurricane Sandy.

The city limited exempted areas in Brooklyn to just Community Boards 15 and 13, which encompass Sheepshead Bay, Manhattan Beach, Gerritsen Beach, Brighton Beach, Coney Island, and other neighborhoods.

There must have been some uproar in other community boards whose damage may not have been extensive – or, at least, those that did not receive as much media coverage – because the city today expanded those indefinite suspensions to Community Board 6 – which includes Red Hook – and Community Board 18 – which includes Marine Park, Mill Basin and Canarsie, among others.

We know we have a number of readers in Marine Park, Mill Basin and Bergen Beach who will be happy to hear this.