Alternate Side Parking Suspended Through Saturday


Snowed In Car

Alternate side parking is suspended once again, through Saturday, February 22, to facilitate snow removal, though you still need to pay parking meters.

With no alternate side parking regulations on Sunday, that means the next time you may have to move your car is Monday, February 24, creeping up on a full month that some cars have been sitting in the same spots. The last day the regulation was in effect was February 1. Still, it’s not as bad as the longest streak yet — the record is a 62-day suspension in 1978.

Because of all the snow removal, trash and recycling collection has been delayed, but DSNY says that it has indeed resumed. They say you should put materials out on your normal collection day, and clear snow from any materials that are already out.

How’s it going on your block? Are cars still buried, and is trash still piling up?

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