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Alternate Side Parking Regulations To Be Reinstated On Monday, But Not In Brighton, Coney

The green areas mark where ASP remains suspended.

Alternate Side Parking regulations will be reinstated on Monday, December 10, for all Brooklyn communities impacted by Superstorm Sandy, except Community Board 13, which encompasses Brighton Beach, Coney Island and parts of Gravesend.

The Department of Transportation sent out the following message earlier today:

Alternate side parking regulations are reinstated effective Monday, December 10 in Brooklyn Community Boards 15 and 18 (see maps). The reinstatement of alternate side parking will allow for necessary street maintenance as storm recovery efforts in these areas continue.

Brooklyn Community Board 15 includes the neighborhoods of Sheepshead Bay, Manhattan Beach, Kings Bay, Gerritsen Beach, Kings Highway, East Gravesend, Madison, Homecrest and Plum Beach, and is delimited by Corbin Place, Coney Island Avenue, Avenue Y, 86th street, Avenue U and MacDonald Avenue, Avenue P and Kings Highway on the north, Nostrand Avenue and Marine Park on the east, as well as by the Atlantic Ocean on the south.

Brooklyn Community Board 18 includes the neighborhoods of Canarsie, Bergen Beach, Mill Basin, Flatlands, Marine Park, Georgetown and Mill Island and is delimited by Nostrand Avenue on the west, the Long Island Rail Road viaduct on the north, Van Sinderen Avenue and Louisiana Avenue on the east and Short Parkways on the south.

Previously announced suspensions remain in effect in Brooklyn Community Board 13 and Queens Community Board 14 until further notice to facilitate ongoing storm recovery efforts in areas with some of the most extensive damage. Alternate side parking regulations in other areas of the city were reinstated as of Wednesday, November 14, to allow for necessary street maintenance.

And now we know why this was happening.

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