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All The Single Ladies: Single Women Outnumber Single Men in Park Slope by 25%


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Chances are if you are a single woman living in New York, you have at some point been notified of the unfavorable ratio of women to men (1.07 to 1, according to Gothamist) by a well-meaning albeit alarmist friend or two. And though those statistics have since been overwritten by census data which reveal more single, never-married men than women in the 20-34 age bracket, the dating scene is still less than optimistic for women in Park Slope.

Real estate web site Trulia has compiled their own data to create a visualization of the dating scene in various cities across the country:

We looked at the ratio of men living alone to women living alone in order to assess the dating scene. We also subtracted estimates of the gay and lesbian population in order to focus on men and women interested in dating someone of the opposite sex; check out our Welcome to the Gayborhood post if that’s news you can use. Finally, we excluded people older than 65 since differences in life expectancy skew the gender ratio in the later years.

New York comes in fourth in the list of women-dominated cities, behind Boston, MA; Washington, DC; and a place called Frederick, MD. The findings are broken down by zip code in the map pictured above, where it’s revealed that single women outnumber single men in Park Slope by 25%.

So, single ladies and gentleman: is that data palpable? Do you feel the imbalance on the dating scene?

According to Trulia’s statistics, women are most likely to find some love out in Long Island City, while the best bet for guys is a trip to the Upper East Side. Plan your Friday nights accordingly.

Image via Trulia

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